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  1. Input please
  2. Right, cuz a good rider can stop head shake.What are you ride'n punk a 3 or 4 year old woods bike!!!!!???????????Oh PS.. I won 6 races this year and 12 top 5 easy tracks like Glenn helen national track,Comp edege,and Pirue ..
  3. Respect they deserve!!?????they handle bad they are hard to setup, each track is a deferent setup, My o5.5 sxf handles worse than my 01 yzf the head shake has dislocated my shoulder and broken 2 ribs. 18 offset clamp pds 7 rear 30mm w/ 115 rider #195...6 ft vet armature...
  4. That works for me too
  5. It will be fine , add one tooth to the rear sprocket and spring the bike for your weight.
  6. Was it hard to start from the first day ? or is it harder each time you try.I have the same bike and it starts fine, cold , choke on ,one twist of the throttle, kick, BUT NOT TOO HARD . When hot, hot start lever in, hand off the throttle. kick, BUT NOT TOO HARD. The screw you are talking about is on the bottom front of the float bowl, it should be about one and a half to two turns out.It is hard to get to but use a very small screwdriver.
  7. What's the bike for, just MX,,,,,,,Honda
  8. If you start it and let it run for a time with out a load on it takes longer to seat the rings.Start it run it 1-2 min no big deal , start it mon. tues. wed.thrus.and fri. then ride it sat. it will smoke like a train
  9. Start it , let it run 1-2 min. with a blip on the throttle now and then , won't hurt a thing.
  10. Black rims and forks ???? same as 06, if not then not the same.
  11. The owners manual said 35mm +or- 2mm is it that important that you get only 2 or 3 mm leeway.The guy that did my shock said just set the rider sag and don't worry about fee sag ,I don't get it
  12. LOVE IT!! getting it dialed in a little better and loving it more.
  13. The helmets job is to flex or absorb shock.If the helmet is hard as a rock guess where the shock goes??
  14. You can play with the clickers all you want ,YOU MUST HAVE THE RIGHT SPRINGS FOR YOUR WEIGHT
  15. Also get the shock and fork sprung and valved for your weight and ability,I did and it makes a big deference