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  1. First I would would just like to say hi to everyone. I'm new to TT and to atv scene. I just got a 2005 SE 450 YFZ and looking for place to ride, some friends to ride with. I live in Swartz Creek, Mi. can anyone help.
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    450 yfz TPS AND JETTING

    at the carb
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    Yamaha 450 yfz TPS AND JETTING

    I have 450 yfz 2005 with less then 1 hour on it. After riding it for the first time I was so disappointed on it's low end and overall performance. After asking around I heard that exhaust and rejetting makes a world of difference. So this is what I did. BUB Moto C4 Carbon Fiber/Titanium System K&N Proflow w/o lid 175 Main jet NCVQ on 7th position Stock pilot 4 turns About 825ft above sea level It still lack in the low end and runs a little rough. Any suggestions? Also while doing all this I unhook my tps (throttle position sensor), and now I'm not sure if I hook it up right? HELP ME PLEASE!!!