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  1. Xtown (www.xtown.ca) did something similar last year... not on a lake but a now/ice motocross track and I havent ridden it but i seamed nice! it sure would make a nice alternative for the winter over here
  2. dirtedDave

    YZ250F rear wheels all the same?

    is there a kit made to fit a pre09 back wheel on a 09 bike? I have a set in the garage that I would like to use as ice/pinned tire wheels
  3. dirtedDave

    What The Hell Was He Thinking?!

    this is what I call natural selection
  4. dirtedDave

    blown 2007 250f motor- cost estimate?

    I have a complete good running 06 yz250f motor for sale on ebay for 1150$
  5. dirtedDave

    Berm shot

    Original shot with a little hdr drama
  6. you need tires! and I hope monster pays you well!
  7. dirtedDave

    Bike in a crate

    I always get my bike in the crate, I save the 150$ for prep that the dealer charges. At first the were not too happy with the idea but I told them that anyway the bike is sold without warranty...
  8. dirtedDave

    will these handlebars fit my crf250r

    the problem with cheaper bars is that they tend to bent just by looking at them!
  9. dirtedDave

    Number pics

    These are mine... what they will be looking like.. I use the proff that they send me to preview what it's going to look like on the bike... that way i'm sure to know exactly what i'll have at the end
  10. Just to let you guys know... there is a service bulletin on 2008 4.0L ford rangers with manual trans. Basically they will offer to replace the slave clutch cylinder... but if you bug them a little bit they will change the complete clutch assembly... I just got mine done after 46000 km.
  11. dirtedDave

    Yamaha WR200's the good the bad?

    I have an old DT200 1992 that i baught last year, i'm in the process of fully restauring it... I rebuild the motor, sandblasted the frame and painted it as well as the gaz tank and a some other frame parts I went through all bearings and pivots now i'm getting everything back together... I put the tripple 3, fork, shock and swingarm last night... Here in canada this bike is street legal.. it's going to be my ultimate adventure machine... I can post some pictures of the evolution if you want I started riding dirt bike when I was 8 or 9 on a 1981 DT 175 this was a nice bike to start with!
  12. dirtedDave

    Foam Pit

    Make sure the foam you use is fireproof! you really dont want to mix Gazoline/heat and polyuretane foam!!!!
  13. dirtedDave

    street legal supermoto in ontario

    i dont know how it's working in ontario but I would think that it's similar to what we have here in Quebec. And unfortunately if your bike is not aproved by the Canada transport agency as a road bike at first then it's not possible to modify it in order to be a road bike... so CR, CRF, YZF WR etc that are not roadbike at the beginning will never be. Even those who used to have modified their MX into supermoto and were aproved by ty SAAQ have been put out roads... that sucks. The best way is to go with an out of the box street legal supermoto or use a 50/50 and mod it to a supermoto.
  14. dirtedDave

    Looking for a picture

    I finaly found some of the picture of the XT 500 but it's not the one I was looking for, the one I first saw had a yellow tank with the yamaha square scheme logo...
  15. dirtedDave

    Looking for a picture

    well i've been searching since i've posted this up and I think it was a XT 500... the pictures seems to be on supermotojunkie but the bandwith from where they are store has been exceded so we can't see them