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    TTR-225 Owners Check out ebay

  2. MeatRocket

    TTR90 ? Kids first "real" bike

    We'd really need more info. How old, tall, etc. I got my son a TT-R90 for his 8th birthday. He's 82lbs, 4' 7", and has no riding experience. It's a great first bike for him. He's learning the concept of shifting without the complications of the clutch lever. It has plenty of power for him. I was behind him last week and clocked him at 34mph and it wasn't wide-open. The electric start is awesome, although that bike will start on the first kick every time, even for him. I bought my daughter a CRF-80 the same day. She's 10½ years old, 77lbs, 4' 10" and no riding experience. It fits her well. The clutch was a little tricky for her, she became quite frustrated at first. The kick start still gives her a LOT of trouble. I end up starting it for her most of the time. I must say, I think the CRF is better built than the TTR though, especially the suspension. It's just as fast as my son's TT-R. Since it's a 5 speed, she can easily out-accelerate him but he does have a slight edge on top end. Hope this helps. Give us more info on your son so we can answer your question a little better. Here are pics of my son and daughter on their bikes. http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b259/meatrocket/Son4-1.jpg http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b259/meatrocket/Daughter2-1.jpg
  3. MeatRocket

    Pilot Jets?

    OK, I see from your previous post in another thread that you have a 2003 125. Check this out:: You can order the correct TTR125 jets right from the Thumpertalk marketplace. Large round type Mikuni main jets (N100.604) 107.5 TT part #MK-183 110.0 TT part #MK-184 112.5 TT part #MK-185 115.0 TT part #MK-186 117.5 TT part #MK-187 120.0 TT part #MK-188 VM28/486 Pilot Jets 17.5 TT part #MK-031 20.0 TT part #MK-032 Thanks to OVRRDRIVE for his AWESOME post in the thread "TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide" http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=170429&page=2&pp=10 You can find most of your answers (including this one) by using the search function.
  4. MeatRocket

    TTR90 Billet gas cap question.

    I went to RockyMountain MC's website and looked at the cap. I checked and all the YZ's and Wr's use the same Yamaha part number for the cap. The TTR90 & 125 use the same part number. I called my friend at the cycle shop and just asked him to try to put a YZ125 cap on the TTR90. He said it was too big to fit. That's a bummer 'cause once I saw that cap, I wanted one too!
  5. MeatRocket

    Pilot Jets?

    Which jet are you looking for? What bike? Year? Not enough info as written.Looking for part number for original or new size?
  6. MeatRocket

    Loud TTR 90

    My son's TT-R90 seems to have gotten louder since I got it for him a month and a half ago. I bought my daughter a CRF-80 on the same day and her's sounds like a sewing machine. I can't even hear her's when they're riding together as his is so loud. I thought he may have jarred the header loose or something but that wasn't it. Any thoughts on why this would be happening?
  7. MeatRocket

    Very hard to start TTR 125 please help

    In=lean - Out=rich
  8. MeatRocket

    FMF Power Core IV with / without SA?

    Thanks for the info there. Same rules apply, although I'm not sure about performance loss.
  9. MeatRocket

    TTR-125 pilot screw and help

    Too rich.http://www.boschusa.com/images/SparkPlugFaces.pdf Right I'd say yes since you had black soot on your plug. Does the soot knock off easy with a wire brush? I'd say to screw that pilot screw back in then back it out to 2 turns. If you're about to change plug anyway; change the plug and ride the bike first, BEFORE making any changes. I don't know how black your plug is but if it's been in since last April, clean it at the very least before you start making adjustments. Then, with the new or clean plug in, ride it around for 5-10 minutes and see what your plug looks like. If it's black, then you need to turn the screw in some more.The 125's apparently come lean from the factory & someone may have turned the pilot out to 3 turns knowing this, but not thinking about your riding environment. Last...be patient with the jetting! I've been adjusting my carb since this last weekend and don't have it perfected yet. It's much better than it was though thanks to some help I got on here. Hope this helps.
  10. MeatRocket

    FMF Power Core IV with / without SA?

    No real difference in performance, as it's just a screen. If you want to ride in the woods at all, you need the spark arrestor. If you're caught riding by a ranger on public land, they'll fine your pants off. AMA races in wooded areas (like scrambles and enduros) require a spark arrestor as well and won't let you race without it. This question has been posted many times. A quick search for "spark arrestor" would've yielded the answer you were looking for.
  11. MeatRocket

    Bleed & Non-Bleed Jet Difference?

    That pretty much sums it up! I put the #40 non-bleed pilot jet back in, haven't touched the needle, and put in a #132.5 main.
  12. MeatRocket

    Very hard to start TTR 125 please help

    Refer to the pics in this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=170429 Read the whole thing, it will give you a better understanding of how the jetting works. And don't forget to check your plug after EVERY test ride. That plug will give you a lot of information about what's going on with your mixture.
  13. MeatRocket

    How to wheelie

    That's because you're a stud....and you don't have to stop at the weigh station when entering a new state during travel.
  14. MeatRocket

    Bleed & Non-Bleed Jet Difference?

    It is now Trying to be as accurate as possible...I think it may rise just a hair. (100 +- RPMs?) I've removed the snorkel and cut the airbox & removed the screen. It's really sluggish/bogging, unless I'm at high RPMs, then it cuts out intermittently. Thanks for your help.
  15. MeatRocket

    Very hard to start TTR 125 please help

    Well, it WAS about fixing your bike but now...Just kidding!! Sorry dude, we got a little sidetracked airing our laundry. Did you check the choke like was advised? If you can't touch the throttle for a few minutes, then I'd say that you're running rich. That either means you're adding too much fuel (incorrect jet settings, etc.) or you're not giving enough air to the engine (clogged air pathway), or both. I'd also suggest checking all the hoses going into your carb. Maybe you have one pinched somewhere? Have you done any maintenance just prior to this starting? It's amazing how much stuff you can break when you're "fixing" something else.