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  1. brewrabb

    Building Canada Nicest KX 250 2 Stroke

    I have a question for you. Why use Kx 450 suspension instead of finding forks/shock off a Yz250? Nice bike but for the bones you can buy a Service Kx250 or 500. Still, beauty build - it puts my '07 (the bike called the worst bike ever built by Mxa) to shame.
  2. brewrabb

    ED Drugs for stamina and exercise Help??

    I have read that nitric oxide is an vasodialator and is sold over the counter in bodybuilding supplements such as Gaspari Nutrition Superpump 250. This is quite a powerful product and I can attest to the benefit of this product for those down days. However, it is nicknamed Superdump for good reason.
  3. brewrabb

    Bodyweight Workout Routine

    I have used Beachbody, in the past, with great results. Combo of tai bo, yoga and aerobics. The dvd collection that I bought had a beginner routine and a more advances. Highly recomended for getting back into a decent routine at home.
  4. brewrabb

    '03 Junior 50 trouble

    While riding yesterday my bud's son's '03 Junior 50 just up and quit running. We had been riding for about an hour previous and he had been splashing through puddles and mud, which may or may not be a contributing factor, and had been riding on fireroads for about 1.5 miles before it died. The bike turns over easily enough, has spark, is getting fuel - it just wont run. At first I thought it was a fuel problem, after checking the spark, and the fuel line did have a bad kink in it's routing from the petcock to the carb but that doesn't seem to be the problem either. Any suggestions?
  5. brewrabb


    Right on. After changing the plug and draining/checking the carb I'm in buisness again. Runs great. One thing though - a guy at a local dealership told me that the Maxima castor premix, that I run, will separate under certain conditions. Said it happened to him on a couple of occasions. Anyone else experience this problem?
  6. brewrabb


    Thanks, Been thinking of that - cleaned/oiled the filter and maybe didn't let it sit long enough. I am going to try a new plug and fuel as well as clean out the carb. Have reset the timing to stock -as it was retarded. Hoping this works.
  7. brewrabb


    Dear Mechanic's, Last time I rode my, '05 Kx 250 w/pc pipe/silencer, linkage,..., it bogged out on a long, fast, straight - after trail riding for a few miles. I decided to try and mellow this bike out a bit. Heard about putting 2 Base gaskets on to mellow the hit and give a little top. Now my bike won't even run - starts but quickly bogs and appears to be flooding. Tryed a different plug and it did the same thing. I know I have changed the port height but; will this affect my bike this much? I also installed Moto Tassinari reeds - at the same time. What do I have to do to make this bike run? Lose the extra base gasket. Jet for the new reeds? Buy a 450? Thanks for any help.
  8. And it's interesting how much better Dodge has become through their affiliation with Daimler - now producing cars such as the 300, Crossfire, ... . Doesn't Ford partner with Volvo? And aren't their cars better for it? eg. Ford 500 based on the Volvo S80 platform.
  9. brewrabb

    DRZ125 Jetting

    I have the same bike, stock engine, with a PC exhaust system and am looking for jetting specs for 950m above sea level. Any suggestions?