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  1. Krannie- You got to be tired of this issue however one more question out of me and that's it. I ordered this part (DIAPHRAGM SET, PUMP OEM part # 16021-MEN-A01) and it comes with a ton of other stuff in the package. Orings, needle looking thing, diaphragm, spring and cover. Do you replace everything or just the diaphragm and spring? I have also ordered the Merge Racing Spring spring as well.
  2. I have the stock 450r pipe on my X and I not only put a couple of huge dents in it (in freezer now) but also it appears it is twisted a bit and out of round. Couple of questions here..... Can I use and after market 05 R header with the stock muffler (after markets are a dime a dozen used) and will it perform as good?
  3. I have the full 05 R muffler (header and pipe) and bent the sheeit out of the header. I have my stock X header which is in good condition. I have never run the mixed match. How will it perform? Anyone got just a header?
  4. Sorry if I missed a post but did you solve the problem? I have the same issue!
  5. I have the bigger IMS tank. Has anyone custom fitted a Corbin?
  6. Good point but I already bought the spacer. Your right though not cheap.
  7. Anyone planning on racing this?
  8. I removed the cable and put a flatland spacer on but I also want to take the actual odometer off. It holds a bracket on underneath. What do you guys do with that? I am also planning on putting in the Vapor with Highway Dirt Bikes protector. Please advise.
  9. Ivancrf what kind of case saver is that?
  10. U Da Man!
  11. Thanks CRF450x07 I read in another post going down in the pilot. Does that sound right? I have not found anything about the main, hence my post. I am putting the header and the can on so would that make even a bigger difference in the main?
  12. I just bought an 05 R exhaust for my 05 X. I have done all the common mods. Do I need to richen it up?
  13. Disregard I found it. Thanks for the link. I will buy you a tank of gas!
  14. WOW-Bigger boy do you have one for an 05'?????
  15. Thank you for the link and the manual page. I am taking my forks off again tonight to do the damper.