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  1. Vader3d

    Torque Setting in Manual

    Has anyone experiense the torque setting in the yamaha manual begin incorrect. I replaced the oil filter and when replacing the cover I broke off on one the bolts with the torque wrench which was set to 10mn as per the manual. The other 2 bolts did not break but were stressed and were pretty close to breaking point and will need replacing. Either my torque wrench is not calibrated correct or the manual's setting are incorect. Any thought or experience regarding this.
  2. Vader3d

    Hour meter vs distance?

    Interesting question... Probably depends on the riding terain.. I use the measure of Tanks of fuel. Ride slow there is less wear but uses less fuel, Ride fast more fuel.. I use the measure of 5 tanks of fuel which is +- 500km. This works very well for my Quad with no ODO...
  3. Vader3d

    wr450 power

    Cool... Had my WR450F 05 on the dyno at Yamaha and they got 43.6 HP After a hour of tuning and re jetting they got it up to 48.7HP I noticed for your dyno chart that your bike made it max HP at 8500rpm. My one does it at 7000rpm.. Anyone now why.. might be the grey wire, which I have not yet cut. Cannot wait to give it a try...
  4. Vader3d

    GPS power

    I went to the hobby shop and got the components and made a 12vdc to 3vdc converter. Connected it on the battery and soldered a dean connector for easy removal. Works great. http://www.wsdeans.com/products/plugs/ultra_plug.html
  5. Vader3d

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    Got a CR250 1998 model
  6. Vader3d

    What Exhaust are you using

    On the issue of being to loud, here in South Africa the sport is not regulated in the same way as in the USA so the 94db regulation does not exist. I do agree that some bikes are just to noisy but I want power as well as a good sound...
  7. Vader3d

    What Exhaust are you using

    Cool... looks just like my Exhaust.. even got the same scratched... I just removed everthing I could from the inside I could...
  8. I want to conduct a poll to see what exhausts the general riders are using.. Currently I am running the standard exhaust with the baffle totally removed on my 05wr450.. what exhaust you got? .........
  9. will a YZF450 quad exhaust fit a WR450 or are they made different for quads than bikes...
  10. Vader3d

    wr450 Model code number

    That is correct.. bike is still blue, just not bought from the official Yahama dealer.
  11. Vader3d

    wr450 Model code number

    I purchased a grey WR450 05 for a imported here is South Africa. Saved about $1000 on the price... Yamaha SA wanted about $10500 for a Official Southafrican model. The model code number under the seat is 5TJ9 and according to my manual they do not list this codes model..... 5TJ5 (USA)...5TJ7(South African) Got any idea which model/Country this code belongs to...
  12. Vader3d

    WR450 2005 dipstick problem

    Bike was service by Yamaha agent... was its first service so refered it to the profesionals...
  13. Vader3d

    WR450 2005 dipstick problem

    I do turn the engine off.... the oil presure is just to much..
  14. I have a serious problem with my 05 wr450 oil dip stick.. every time I open it to check the oil level the oil spurts out.. Even if I follow the manual to run motor for 3 minutes from cold it still does the same thing.. am I going something wrong...