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  1. I was wondering if anyone had a stock exhaust sitting around? please pm me
  2. abcdcbc

    Fastest state!

    o yeah i forgot about demuth, and sellards... o yeah and we have up and coming patrick massie thats doing well in arenacross lites
  3. abcdcbc

    Fastest state!

    are you serious... Ohio is def the fastest state.... Look at all the pros that come out of it..... Gibson, Browning, Willard, Metz, Whitcraft, Ames,Scaggs all pros. Justin Weeks, Walker Brightwell, Steven Mages, those are some fast ams. we only get to ride about 9 months a year too so if we got to ride more we would way faster than west coast and southern states
  4. abcdcbc

    schoolboy class racing

    not around my house and its d11.... its an open class that is limited to a 125 and ages 12-15.. Some tracks also have a 4stroke school boy
  5. abcdcbc

    pics of my modified "step" seat

    well u shouldnt be sitting down that long
  6. abcdcbc

    Levers and Shifter

    umm a clutch lever and a shifter wat u think u need a new bike or something
  7. abcdcbc


    need some help on shim sizes. i have a clearance of .24 and i should have it in the .1-.15 and i have a 300, and a 305 in now
  8. abcdcbc

    04 Kx250f Starting

    they are not too tite just not sure what they clearance should be
  9. abcdcbc

    04 Kx250f Starting

    do u kno what they should be bc i dont have my manual
  10. abcdcbc

    04 Kx250f Starting

    yea i have an 04 kx250f and i cant kick start it but i can jump start it, anyone please help me i need it fixed before this weekend races
  11. abcdcbc

    Airtime ratio

    are you guys serious. there is definetly a possible chance for them to have more air time, excluding the whoops, because sometimes there is only a triple and a double double on one straight with 15 feet before the triple then ten in between the triple and double, and 10 after the double. it is possible
  12. abcdcbc

    umm sx online

    does anyone know of a website where you can watch the last nights races.
  13. abcdcbc

    Beginner bike: PW50 or CRF50?

    The crf is way better bike and everything. Lets see, if your kid gets used to just holding it pinned no good. so if u get the crf it is shift, so u can teach him to ride in 1st gear, then teach him how to shift.
  14. abcdcbc

    Starting gate

    Any one have a clue the actuall dimensions of the ama starting gate, just the individual one not the 42 one, just one,
  15. Anyone know who makes an electric start for a Kawasaki Kx250F