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  1. Diamond Dave71

    FCR Carb on '04 TC450?

    Just an update on what I've been doing. I spent a day at the track playing around with the carb but still couldn't get things dialed in. I sent it down to Hall's last week. It should be home tomorrow. With some luck I will see it Friday (Being shipped UPS) I will test things out Sunday. I'll let everyone know. Cheers, Dave
  2. Diamond Dave71

    FCR Carb on '04 TC450?

    Thanks Flame. I will be taking it out Sunday. I will make the changes and report back. Thanks again everyone for the input and help.
  3. Diamond Dave71

    Husky Riders in Alberta Canada?

    I'm out of Calgary. Riding '04 TC 450 I ride with the Second Gear Club You guys should come out to the Compeer AB for the "Corner Grass Race" It's going to be a blast !!!
  4. Diamond Dave71

    FCR Carb on '04 TC450?

    Thanks for the offer. I will give one moree kick at the cat. I've moved from a 32.5 pilot to a 34. (the next size up) I figure that should combat the 2.5 turns out that some people are doing. I'm running the 175 main and mid needle position. I will make sure the AP is set to Zero preload. Just so I understand. Zero preload is considered zero lash. Just until the cam touchs the plunger? It seems to have a bit of a lean mis-fire coming off highg RPM. I may either try raising the needle one or going to the next size up main. Last thing. The guy I bought the bike off did a mod to the choke piston. When I took the carb apart to clean it, it looks as if he cut a portion of the choke plunger off (a small tit) with some side cutters. Is there a mod that gets done to this part??? OR do I need to pick up and new part? Just to add. I have check the valves and they are good. As the weather in Calgary is screwed up, it will be a week before I get to the woods to make a few adjustments and get back with some answers. Thanks again for the feed back.
  5. Diamond Dave71

    FCR Carb on '04 TC450?

    In my quest for a better starting 2004 Husky TC450, I have read a few threads that talk about sending carbs to Halls for reworking. I’m up in Calgary AB, Canada. I’ve worked with the Jetting of my carb, but still it is a pain in the ass to start when it’s got some heat into the engine. I do have a kick starter on the bike and I would like to use it and not have to rely on my electric start to crank the engine over until it decides to start. My local dealer up here said the fix is to in stall a 41mm FCR carb. Is this the way to go? My friends all ride KTM’s and Husaberg's. They all start great. I love my TC 450 accept for the starting issue. What’s the fix? Sending a carb down to the USA to be reworked is a pain in the ass and will it help up here in Canada at 3600 feet above sea level and on cold day rides?
  6. Diamond Dave71

    tc450 on trails??

    I ride/race a '04 TC450 at 3800 ft above sea level and higher. I use to have heating uses and the bike was too fast in the single track. I installed a 14 tooth sprocket on the front. Put a 1.3 rad cap and run coolant wetter/additive to raise the boiling point. No more problems. I have run a 13 tooth on the front but found the top-end suffered.
  7. Diamond Dave71

    '04 TC450 Husky

    Thanks for all the input every one. I decided to pick the bike up and give it a try. First ride........This friday.
  8. Diamond Dave71

    '04 TC450 Husky

    Just looking for a little advice on what I should be paying for a '04 TC450. Bike has maybe 20hrs and is in mint shape! Being up in Canada, I'm new to the hole Husqvarna world and would appreciate a little input. I can purchase a new '05 for $7000 Canadian. Also, I heard many good comments about the bike. Anyone have any gear box issues? Thanks