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    Depends on what you want to do with it. You want a bike to take on a track, this isn't the one for you. You want a big, comfortable bike that is perfect for the desert, jump on it. The motor is bullet-proof. You want to really wake it up, check out the Ron Woods version.
  2. nate992v

    PLEASE HELP!!! exhaust pipe decision

    Less weight is always better. I have the FMF IV and it's lighter and sounds better than the stock with the baffle removed.
  3. nate992v

    96 XR600R Engine Build

    Good call on the choke plate. You just saved that new top end.
  4. nate992v

    What to do with the pig...

    The L and R frames are identical?
  5. nate992v

    What to do with the pig...

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1715902630050&set=a.1066014623256.2012705.1612759794 here's a pic of it
  6. nate992v

    What to do with the pig...

    Just called, it's an '89. I'm in San Diego.
  7. Here's the dilema: Have a '96 XR 600R with an bunch of stuff done to it. Trying to figure out how much to ask or should I just part it out. I'd really rather not have pieces of bike laying around, or deal with shipping. And for sentimental reasons, don't want to see it like that it in the garage. It was my first dirtbike, etc... Here's what it has: -Ricky Stator dual 100w headlights w/200w rewound stator -Scotts steering stabilizer w/triple clamp -Fat Bar -Magura hydraulic clutch system (not installed) -exhaust wrap (not installed) -SRC fork brace w/seal savers and SRC fork guards -SRC front fender brace -Clarke dezert tank -aluminum skid plate -SRC case savers -shock and forks have springs for a 245 lb rider -640 hi comp kit w/hotcams -SRC XR 400R oil cooler -billet choke plate -FMF 4 exhaust w/spark arrestor -bunch of UNI oil filters -Clymer's manual -Maxxis desert IT's w/heavy duty tubes -XR's only chain guide and rear disk guard -Renthal sprockets and chain (stock gearing) -Baja Designs seat cover -black plastics I'm sure there's more, probably just forgetting. The bike hauls the mail, and mechanically is sound. Looks really good, too. Bad thing is, it's just taking up space. I don't ride it enough with the RMZ and a 450x at my disposal to justify it just sitting. If it were street legal, it'd have a supermoto set up in an instant. I haven't been able to find a similar one to price it. What's a good asking price? Or should I part it out? Or, just keep it and make myself ride it and quit complaining?
  8. nate992v

    2005 rmz 450

    I've lost track of how many hours I have on my '05. Only had the top end apart once for new valves, springs, seats. Did the piston and rings since it was apart, but didn't need it. Only things I'd change: needs a 5 speed would like sight glass for oil level ability to easily add lights not so much fun so the other bikes could get out of garage You'll like it. The motor pulls hard and it turns awesome. Bike is super light, too.
  9. nate992v

    Steering Stabilizer for rmz450

    I just mounted the over the bar Scotts kit. One thing to check for on it is the rubber cones. My stock ones didn't fit with the post clamp. There were clearance issues. I picked up some from Applied, and it bolted on. No problems. I'll see how it works on the RMZ after this weekend. They're awesome on the XR.
  10. nate992v

    450's dressed in white

    Acerbis sells them. I'm sure some others do.
  11. nate992v

    HRC 628 Kit - Worth it?

    Like XR4DEZ said, leave it with the lower compression piston. Messing around mixing 93 octane with race gas or octane boost is a pain. Expecially when you're out in the boondocks. With the cam, you'll loose a bit of low end, but it helps it breathe on top.
  12. nate992v

    Need advice on xr 600.ligths stop working

    The light bulbs? Seriously, plug the lights directly into the stator output and start the bike. If the bike starts and no lights, probably the stator. Provided you don't have a damaged wiring harness.
  13. nate992v

    What tire pressure?

    15psi, but that's out in the desert. Pinch flats suck 20 miles away from the camp.
  14. nate992v

    XR600 Oil Cooler Lines

    Contact Summer's Racing. Good folks. They used to have them all kitted up with the cooler. They might be able to get you some.
  15. nate992v

    Crf490 I

    Any way to make the page English?