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  1. bsukalski

    More powerful?

    oops, sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thead with that last post!!
  2. bsukalski

    More powerful?

    well, I must admit, even though wr450 has almost 973 or something worthless posts, it gets real riders/racers fired up enough to post the REAL answers! the guys who have been responding to wr's posts have been extremely helpful in uncorking my own 650L through the past 6 months. I wish I could buy you guys a beer!! I better spell check now before I post...
  3. bsukalski

    Rejet and lost top end power -

    I installed the DJ kit a while back in my L, and had the same issue! Given I am at 5000', but the response was similar to yours. Then I got bored one night, and decided to take out the DJ kit and try Daves mods...and bingo, power at highway speeds returned!! It sucks that we spend so much for the DJ kit (BUT, I got to use the DJ spring and washer for the stock needle), when there is such a cheap mod right under our noses. I guess I wanted to find out for myself, though Good luck!
  4. bsukalski

    i think i have a real real big problem on my hands.

    No kidding! If you were to spend as much time riding as you do posting and whining about your bike, you would be ready for the Baja 1000 Or maybe the Baby Baja (if there is such a thing?) Some suggestions: 1.) Buy a service manual and READ it. 2.) Use the spell checker. 3.) GET A GIRLFRIEND and stop worrying about every little noise your bike makes
  5. bsukalski

    My xr675L super motard, new pics!

    Have you ever ridden a dirt bike on the street (with street tires?)?? Friggin incredible IMHO. I had a 2001 ZX-9, 2000 ZX-6, and a 1998 CBR600. All GREAT bikes, but nothing beats the 'flickability' and low-end torque of these 'motards'. Ok, so you can't go 160 mph....but who does that on a regular basis on the street? Besides, maintenence is cheap and easy
  6. bsukalski

    Do it yourself smog removal..is this right?

    What's a smog filter? Anyways, it's written all over this site that removal of the smog junk will reduce the popping.
  7. bsukalski

    I stripped one of the allen bolts!!

    5 minutes???!!!! I think I did it for....maybe 30 seconds? I noticed the aluminum fins where not all that hot after i did it!! But i didn't want to risk heating it up to much. Well, something to try tomorrow!
  8. bsukalski

    I stripped one of the allen bolts!!

    Alright guys, I have good and bad news. I'll start with the bad. I STILL couldn't get the allen bolt to budge. I went to Sears and bought some 'Bolt-offs' AND heated the area around the bolt slightly with a torch....still no luck I guess I'm alright with the smog stuff on for now...it really doesn't bother me that much. Now for the good news. I replaced the DJ kit with Daves mods and removed the snorkel. What a difference!! I used the washer from the DJ kit (it fit perfect)...even though it's only 0.023"...... Anyways, thanks for all the advice! Very helpful, but this is a bit above my head in this case. I may have a pro look at it sometime. Well, since it's about 11 pm here, I will have to wait till tomorrow after work to fine tune it
  9. bsukalski

    I stripped one of the allen bolts!!

    alright, I'm counting on it! Seriously, though, I will give that a try tomorrow...after the WD40 has set in. Another question for the group (and you guys really seem to know your stuff!!): Since the DJ kit comes with a washer (.025" thick??), can i use this for the carb mods I am going to do next with the stock needle? Seems to me like it should work just fine...I don't know...since I haven't gotten that far yet...
  10. bsukalski

    I stripped one of the allen bolts!!

    thanks for the advice everyone!! well, i tried the vice grips with no luck. then i let it run for a few minutes, then put the vice grips to it. No luck. Heck, all I'm doing is stripping the outside of the bolt now What makes a bolt seize like this?? I think i will try pounding the next size allen wrench in next. Matt: i am using an impact wrench for this exact reason. the other ones were on the virge of being stripped out with a regular allen wrench...and the impact took em right out! And thanks for the advice on drilling. I don't like the idea of drilling into the aluminum!! Maybe a beer in my hand will help now? i think now i will let some more WD40 soak in overnight and see what happens tomorrow. thanks again!
  11. Hi all. I have been browsing this forum for a while, and have decided to go through with the recommended carb mods (I put the DJ kit in, and am really unimpressed) and remove the smog equipment on my 2002 XR650L. Well, I got home from work tonight and decided tonight is as good as any to start! Well, I got 3 of the 4 allen bolts out, then had to loosen the headers to get to the 4th (the one nearest the smog pump). Then guess what.....a seized bolt!! My impact wrench completely rounded out the inside of the bolt! So, now what? I guess i could drill and ex-out it....but this this is really in there good. Could I disconnect everything, but leave the pipe near the front of the cylinder head? Could i just plug it with something? I really want to get rid of the backfiring...as people are starting to think I am shooting at them thanks in advance, brandon Any help would be greatly appreciated!!