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  1. Husky62

    Carby upgrade on 2001 570 with Dell Orto carby?

    If you are ready to make the swap I will buy the DellOrto from you!! Thanks,
  2. Husky62

    One more Mikuni TMR 41 carb question?

    That could be it. Anyway I dissasembled the carb clean it up, replaced the spark plug with an Iridium one, installed a new NGK racing cable, chaged the oil and went out for a spin around the block. I need to figure out the jetting and it will be flying again. Is unbelibable what neglecting maintenance can do to a piece of machinery, specially a high performance bike!! Thanks for the imputs.
  3. Husky62

    One more Mikuni TMR 41 carb question?

    Mine has the knob in the left side and with two out position or clicks?
  4. Husky62

    My new TE570 2002

    Thanks a lot jerulator for you help.
  5. I forget to mentioned/asked before, the choke or primer has two positions out what are they for and which should I keep the bike on?
  6. Husky62

    My new TE570 2002

    I just bought a TE570 2002 with Mikuni TMR 41 in an OK conditions and would like to hear from the experts carburetor/jetting tips and few responses: The air mix screw is the one at the bottom of the carburetor indented by the bowl? How many turns and in or out? Is backfiring lean or leak right? The bike seems that very seldon have maintenance if so, oil dirty as heck, plug looks like is been there for centuries, carburetor gummy and nasty all over. The previous owner (a TT member), told me that the bike started at first kick...........I really douth that just basic mechanics principles tell me otherwise! Anyway all the information and tips to restore this bike to real life would be greatly appreciate it. Is it me or is very complicated and pain in the back this carburetor? With my TC610 with DellOrto "WHICH I AM SELLING BY THE WAY" got to a true one or two kicks hot or cold. I put so much time and money on this beast that after receiving the new one (new to me), it looks crapy and cheap....I know is a very good bike indeed just needs some maintenance. Well, please advise and add your comments!! Also information in parts and accessory will be great too.
  7. Hi, I need help from all of you. I am in the process of purchasing another bike..I have a 2000 husqvarna TC610 torque monster and buying a Husqvarna TE570 2002. I was wondering what are the requirements to convert it from off road to street legal in Florida? How easy cheap or painful would be? Recommendations, tips, tricks, etc. All the help would be greatly appreciate it, love to have the opportunity of cruising this wonderful state!! Thanks everyone!!
  8. God you are good!! Yes, it was leaking from the valve cover all the way down. The good thing is that I adjusted the valves...the inlet were totally closed. Definitely this a good place to ask question, lot of knowledgeable people. Thanks!!
  9. Hello, is it possible to have an oil leak through the carburetor suction cup (the rubber thing that holds the carburetor at the inlet side)????? I took off the valve covers and the rocker arms cover, re-tighten the head nuts and it seeings to be OK. Now I can see the oil coming from the rubber boot????????? Please any tips/help would be greatly appreciate it!!
  10. Husky62

    Need a good motor shop

    Thanks for the information will do!!
  11. Husky62

    Need a good motor shop

    Hi, my bike has a head gasket leak and would like to take the opportunity to have everything checked. Is there any good motor shop near florida.......I know GP is great but is way too far from florida and the shipping should be too high......any help please!!
  12. Husky62

    tc 610

    I have one '00 and is a hell of a bike!!
  13. Husky62

    Pics of my ride

    They are already installed....will get pics this weekend.
  14. Husky62

    Pics of my ride

    I know, do not worry the silencer with new packing (race tools) is back on it. I am in favor of power not noise!!
  15. Husky62

    Pics of my ride

    It is a construction site......all I have close by without need to tranport the bike. I usually ride the bike with the radguard and silencer just got lazy that day. It is very loud sounds like crap, runs lean and overrevs easely so won't do it again.