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  1. I am deciding between a yz 250f and a yz 125 i hear good things about each and bad. One thing i want to know about the 250f is that i heard its a to start. I never rode a 2 stroke be 4 so i dont no much about how it feels to ride one. Im 5'9 162 pounds, and im coming off of a ttr 125, but i'm way past due for a new bike. Could u just answer my question about startin the bike and what bike u think i should ride. P.S. I ride at a motocross practice track and i almost never ride trails, id also like to try a race or too if i feel comfortable on my new bike at the end of next season.
  2. ebay has em do a serch for ttr
  3. i kept ricky carmichal off for 4 laps lastweek... and you ask what happened then?... well i kept him ff for 4 more then he lapped me again
  4. On my ttr 125l i lost one of the black caps right under my hanlde bars. now that that has been lost the steering bearings have been hard to turn or real stiff. What should i do about this problem?
  5. I was wondering if anyone has tips about where to sit on o bike through different pats of the track... pics of people with good form would be nice.
  6. I dont know what to get a yz 125 or a yz250 f... What do you think... I dont know if my size will make a difference im 5' 8'' and 160 pounds... I ride at a motocross track, very little to no trails. Thanks for your opinion
  7. you guys r sikk in the trails...keep it up
  8. im planning on gettin a yz250f and i have worrys about not bein able to control it in the air, because my friend has a crf250 and hes a little better than me and he has trouble controlin it in the air when he doen average sized jumps...im am 5'8 160 pouns is there anything i can do to do...sugestions please.
  9. i was tryin to clear a 65 foot tabletop all day on my ttr 125l and boy my bike just didnt wanna do it.. finally my last lap around the track i just missed the landing my front wheel was on(boy can you say hard landing) but anyways my buddy said i was about eight foot in the air...
  10. if hes average 8 year old siz i recomend a kx 65 but hell probably grow out of that fast or a yz 85
  11. i bought a renthal 49 tooth sprocket and took the snorkel out of the airbox and took the baffel of the pipe and wheelies were coming up easier and staying up longer.
  12. i use atv 10w 30 oil in warmer conditions and yamalube in the fall when it cools off.
  13. dont shift as hard from 2nd... my bike does that sumtimes too.. second gear makes a louder click and u can feel the shift.. so just shft into neutral slower and softer
  14. i ride about 2 and half hours every time i go out and that takes up a half tank.
  15. my bike did the same thing.. my air filter was filthy after a long day of riding on a dusty track on a hot day.