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  1. Yamaha

    just curious, what do these bolts hold together? I havent checked mine yet, havent ridden it... gonna do it when I change the oil...
  2. Yamaha

    trail tech makes 2 systems, one is a hid system and the other is a hallogen system. A friend of mine has the hid's on his banshee and holy crap are they bright... he's never had a problem with em burning anything up either so I'd guess you just gotta make sure you dont place them right next to something that'll burn up.
  3. Yamaha

    no problems with out 06 so far...
  4. Yamaha

    every 5 hours w/filter I probly dont need to, but I'd rather be safe than sorry (comming from a guy that religiously changes the synthetic in his cars every 3k miles.
  5. Yamaha

    right around 7k
  6. Yamaha

    Dr. D
  7. Yamaha

    first off, it wouldnt take much, just a tiny bit of fuel can break down oil... and second were not talking about leaving it on for a little bit... were talking about allways leaving it on. it is very much possible.
  8. Yamaha

    my guess would be... the fuel flows downward due to gravity right? the carb loads up over time and the fuel seeps into the head via the valves... then it sits on top of the piston looking for another way down... there is rings on the piston and they all have gaps... with the engine not running there is no pressure holding the rings against the cylinder walls, that or it seeps through the gaps in the rings... after that... theres nothing keeping it from the crankcase.
  9. Yamaha

    actually it can... if the bike sits for awhile with the fuel on, that fuel is going to work its way south any way it can... and if theres gaps in the valvetrain and rings guess what... its goin in he crankcase.
  10. Yamaha

    I rode an 05 with the edelbrok carb and I must say I was impressed... he gained 5rwhp on the dyno with it!
  11. Yamaha

    well theres a simple answer for that... none of them could ride, since the 06 is faster stock. My 06 keeps up with my best friends 05 and all I have is the header/pipe and jet kit... he has quite a bit more
  12. Yamaha

    the screw is behind the cap... it can either be poped out or drilled out if I remember correctly, and yes you should re-jet.
  13. Yamaha

    yea something isnt right... I have a prodesign K&N kit and the Dr. D full system and this thing is way faster that it was stock (2006) and just as fast as my buddies 05 that has considerable more done to it.
  14. Yamaha

    dunno... but the Dr. D system sure is
  15. Yamaha

    I saw this earlier today... thought you guys might get a kick out of it yfz450