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  1. about 6 7 mounths
  2. This might be old news.Just came over from the kawa site and say the new klx 450r coming out late 07.
  3. its magic i tell u
  4. www.maier-mfg.com sorry dont know how to send links
  5. i just replaced a maier mx rear fender on my 05 klx 300.got it from my local kawasake shop for 43 bucks holes were pre-drilled fit perfect.
  6. ok stupid question,i found the fender thanks
  7. right on thanks,are the kdx and the klx interchangible on body/plastics/and such?
  8. does anyone know witch mx style fender will fit my 05 klx 300???
  9. well i got the dynojet kit and installed it-WOW.4th gear wheelies,with the 13t countersproket and a lot of clutch!need a rear fender now.would like a mx style. so does any one know witch will fit my 05 klx 300?thanks
  10. brewster were can i pikup a dynojet?
  11. well looks like the next mod will be the fsw header.
  12. sorry about the long time since a reply brewster.ive switch companies and then had problems with my wireless card.got the springs changed out i like the difrience,stiffer.ive blown the fork seals on one side got it fixed. ive done all the free mods and installed the 13t counter.totally diffrient bike.im deciding between a power now plus combo, are a fsw header for my next mod.not shure witch one ill do next.ive decided to stay with the cvk carb. ill just power now it.ive also had to replace the stock bars due to a tree jumping out in front of me(that HURT-BAD).i really need to get some frame/disc/brake line guards any help to find out were will be apprietiated.mike
  13. ill buy it if it will fit a 05 klx300
  14. will it fit a 05 klx 300,if so ii buy it
  15. got back last weekend and did the spring swapp-out.i bought that repair manual.also recieved the new 13t counter.im able to get the front end to lift allooot easier.thanks for all the help everyone.mike