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  1. goochi

    brake question

    thanks for the help guys i pushed the pistons back in and everythings fine
  2. goochi

    brake question

    both my wheels are off of the bike (2002 yz250f) right now and i accidentally pulled the front brake lever all the way down while there was nothing in between the pads. Im not sure what to do to make the gap in between the pads again so I can put the rotor back in. any suggestions? thanks -chris
  3. goochi

    what to get???

    im going to be buying some parts for my 2002 yz250f. i was thinking some black rims and a new header pipe. would the header pipe(stainless powerbomb) be any advantage over the stock pipe with my fmf titanium4 slip on?? and do you guys have any other suggestions for power gains that arent to costly?
  4. goochi

    best bike

    i am your age about 6'2" and 185 lbs and i ride a 250f for pretty much the same stuff you would be riding so i say its your best bet. good luck -chris
  5. As you may already know i have recently purchased a 2002 yz250f and love it, when its running that is. but i have been having lots of problems with it. but now my problem is it wont start altogether. before i just couldnt KICK start it and i culd only bump start it. now i cant do either. when i try and bump start it on the first 2 tries or so it stays started for like 15 seconds and then every try after that i get nothing! does any one have a clue what might be wrong with the bike or what i might be doing wrong. thanks in advance -chris
  6. goochi

    starting issues

    where is tdc? like how do i find it and how do i know when im on it?
  7. goochi

    starting issues

    no no no. the bike runs fine. if i bumpstart it. i just cant KICK start it
  8. goochi

    starting issues

    ive read just about as much as i can handle about the 2002 yz250f. but i still have one problem, I CANT START THE DAMN THING! the previous owner could hop on there and start it first or second kick like i could on my 125. but i can sit there kicking it all day and nver turn it over. is there something i am doing wrong? and yes i am doing the starting procedure correctly with the decomp and everything. thanks -chris
  9. goochi

    need help with spark plug!

    ok thanks i did that and it worked
  10. my new to me('02) yz 250f wouldn't start today so i tried changing the plug. when i took off the rubber boot thing that goes over the plug this little thing that looks like a fuse fell out along with the thing that the plug screws into. i put in the new plug and tightened down and then put the other two things back on and the boot too. when i tried to staart the bike there wasnt very much compression. like if i used the decomp lever it would be effort less to kick and if i just tried to kick it without using the decomp i COULD kick it. any ideas on what might be wrong? thanks alot -chris
  11. goochi

    Bike protection from winter elements...

    where in virginia do you live. maybe we could ride sometime. i live in northern va.
  12. goochi

    price of 2002 yz250f?

    ya ill post pics tomorrow when i get it cleaned up nice. -chris
  13. goochi

    price of 2002 yz250f?

    i gave him 2500 for it thanks for the input guys.
  14. i am going to look at a 2002 yz250f in about an hour. its in pretty good shape with an fmf slip on and a few other minor upgrades. hes asking 2800 which i think is rediculous i was gonna offer him 23-2400 what do you think. thanks -chris