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  1. I work with the Ranch Manager that is listed on the Boulder Creek website. I will ask him all about it. I do know that they may be looking at building 40-50 mile loops of trails. I will update as I get info.
  2. I am now on my second order of Driven. I would vouch for the product. I use it as an endurance fuel for workouts, and use it every time I ride. I have not been getting arm pump. I think it works well for me, but along with the product, I changed my training and workouts. Which helped more, I dont know. I give it an A+ ...Michael
  3. Thanks guys, I was trying to help a friend out. I will see what he neded to know and ask you.
  4. Does anyone have an owners manual in a computer file?
  5. Also try TJ's Cycle on North Lamar. 512-453-6255
  6. I dont think that the track around there is open anymore. Try driving to 3 palms (houston) or towards Austin. Closest to you is Cherokee Cycle park in Milano (40 minutes west of you)...cherokeecyclepark.com
  7. Allright Hippie....Hippie Hollow is only flashing the "hangdown" at the nudis t spot. On Travis head to Carlos n Charlies for food and drinks and head to Devil's Cove for the on lake party...
  8. I bought an EXECUTE brand from EBAY (can be found at CYCLE GEAR).. Very inexpensive and I have been very happy with it so far..
  9. I have heard a little about the cooling problem with 02...The one I am looking at comes with a NEW full FMF powerbomb system and Pro Circuit clamp set..alll for $2700...Good deal I think
  10. Las Vegas..We got plenty of areas to ride here around Austin on any day of the week. When time gets closer gimme a shout with your dates and I will let you know what all is going on..Stay tuned to www.texasoffroad.net
  11. EBAYs selection was not in any better shape. I just sent mine to Mylars in UTAH. We will see how it turns out. Thanks for the info...
  12. I actually have an 01 426 right side radiator that I will sell to you. PM me for info if interested.. ..Michael
  13. I am currently looking at an 02 CR450F in great shape. Is there anything I should know as far as motor, problems, hints, or anything?
  14. I need a left side radiator for my 426 BAD !!! Can anyone help me out here...
  15. www.torcsracing.com Did you make it out to Cycle Ranch for the TORCS race?