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  1. tweed1701

    09 er650l

    Hi guys,just got my spankin new 09 xr650.Im wanting to do some of the mods to let her breath.I have a smog remove kit,jet kit,fmf qslipon.Seems like there was a snorkle that had to be replaced or tossed.Anyone know about this?I only have 120 miles and this bike is WAY better then i expected,no regrets here. Thanks.
  2. tweed1701

    clark tank, reserve

    Thanks Josh, thats better then I thought.Nice to know if you really get in a bind you can lay her on the side and 10-15 more miles.
  3. tweed1701

    clark tank, reserve

    Got my clark 3.9 on.Its awsome and the 160 -180 miles before hitting reserve is great.Does anyone know how much the 3.9 has in reserve or how mant miles can you run on reserve? Thanks a bunch.
  4. tweed1701

    handlebar vibration 2009

    I just installed a set on my 08 DRZ400S. I have pro taper bars with acerbis bark busters. They work great on my bike.Good enough to the point that when I was trying them out the first time I forgot all about testing them because of the great job they did. On my second test run I ran the bike up to 80mph and thats where they really shine,As I slowed down to a legal speed I started to feel some vibes but not anywhere near stock.So thats my story.Now I just have to wait for the BMWGS1200 version.
  5. tweed1701

    MRD install problem drz 400s

    Thanks,,,now i just hope i got it right.
  6. tweed1701

    MRD install problem drz 400s

    Well i think i may,might have it now.I got the head pipe seated but was not able to get the flange to bump up to the head.But it is seated and tight not quit even on the screws.Snuged everything down and firered it up,,,sounds awsome baby:banana: .Ill take her out for a shake down run 2morrow .Thanks for all the help on here cause im the last person you want to hand a wrench to
  7. tweed1701

    MRD install problem drz 400s

    Im going to see if i can finish it 2nite.Im going to try the rubber mallet,hoping that will do it.Once everything is tight n ready to go does the pipe contact the subframe at all ?? Thx.
  8. tweed1701

    MRD install problem drz 400s

    DR367,great advice. Did losen the one side and got it in.Now its just a matter of getting head bolts to match up.The inside one female does not seem to be able to make it all the way.Iv got an 2008 so dont know if they changed anything.Seems like a nut on the engine mount bracket may need a little filing down. Anyway enough for 2 nite,ill get to it again next year Many thanks to all for tips n stuff.
  9. tweed1701

    MRD install problem drz 400s

    Thanks DH and all. Ill try to loosten the rad.,,,Can'nt seem to get it all the way in the port and also lineing up.
  10. tweed1701

    MRD install problem drz 400s

    Got my purty new MDR pipe. Im having trouble getting the head pipe to line up with the manifold.Iv twisted the thing every wich way to no avail. Anyone else had this problem ,and what do i need to do? Thanks a bunch.
  11. tweed1701

    Sisneros Speed Works special edition MRD pipe!

    How much hp does that pipe make-add to a stock bike.Thanks for all your hard work in getting this pipe out here.Its always nice to get a smokin deal.
  12. tweed1701

    BMW G 650 X challenge, just got one!

    I have one and let me tell ya the thing is a blast on the street.I used to have a drz400 and it was good also but the xchal has way more power better handling .Its very good as a comuter or just havin fun.It likes curvy roads also.A sure grin ear to ear. Best of luck.
  13. tweed1701

    510 maint

    Hi folks. I am try to decide between a ktm 530exc and a 08 te 510.I hear the ktm is maint intensive.Was wondering how the 510 compares to it in terms of main.Thanks.
  14. tweed1701

    Exc 530

    Thanks Raz,,,im also looking at a husky 510.Not sure if its any better.
  15. tweed1701

    Exc 530

    Hi folks,im thinking of buying a 08 ktm 530 exc. I love everything about the bike,but a few ppl are telling me its maint intensive.Like every 20 or 30 hours doing a valve job and stuff. So is this bs or is it really like that?Thanks.