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  1. It all depends on how many points you earn. Kyle Chisolm ran the nationals before he won his loretta title in pro sport.
  2. We are looking for sponsor support for the 2011 AMA Pro Motocross Nationals. I am the mechanic for a privateer rider out of Pittsburgh, we are trying to get a head start setting up our program fro next year. We plan on racing the MX nationals, Loretta's, and a handfull of other races through out 2011. We are very small low budget privateer effort so any help is appreciated, we will ride any bike, wear any gear, and use any parts. If anyone wants to help they can contact me at cmp15@hotmail.com. Thanks
  3. I am looking for the stock compression and rebound setting for a 06 Yz450.
  4. Maybe Stewart should do demolition derbies, he takes out more people than any other rider in the history of he sport. It's about time someone gave him a taste of his own medicine. Score one for Reed.
  5. Your chian is way too tight.
  6. I'll have mine up in a couple of days.
  7. I am thinking about getting MDK graphics they look good
  8. There aren't alot of pics of 06-07 blue bikes on here lets see some.
  9. Didn't Doug Henry run a set of monster graphics at Southwick last year? If I remember correctly they were pretty sweet. I'm not sure who made them though.
  10. Yeah thats not what I thought they would like. I thought the monster green with blue would look really good, I'm not impressed.
  11. I am thinking about getting the new Monster Energy Graphics for my 06 450 anyone have a pic of them on the graphics on there bike? I'm not sure how they would look . Thanks.
  12. Run a 48 pilot in the summer and bump it up to a 50 in the winter.
  13. I have the Lucas Oil graphics onmy bike I ordered them straight from Factory Effex. They were $139.99 for the entire kit.
  14. Thanks for all the tips guys I really appreciate it.