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  1. im sure im just missing something very obvious but how do you fade a plastic to one color. I only know how to make it one solid color but when i do that all my stickers and such get covered too, can anyone help?
  2. that sux man
  3. it's a 1994 xr200
  4. Hey everyone I just blew up my bike yesterday and i need to get a new piston and rings. I kinda know how to change them but I kinda dont, can anyone tell me the steps on how to change piston's?
  5. HA you think winter is gunna stop me from doing my favorite sport ever I think not!
  6. there's no way that thing will go 55-60 mph
  7. oops my bad rong forum but could anyone tell me how to get a striped bolt out if the vice grips are useless
  8. im talkin about on my kx
  9. Hey on my bike the subframe is bent. I just bought one off my buddy for 20 bucks. My problem is when I was taking off the old subframe I noticed one of the allen bolts were stripped s**tless. How can I get the darn thing out?
  10. It's getting close to winter and im sure somepeople me including would like to know what preperations to do to a bike?
  11. I asked my neighbor about it that little tube was the pin to hold the float in place and the whole float was bent down and the carb was overflowing so I got that fixed and went for a ride and the clutch cable broke lol
  12. and now there's gas coming out both sides of the carb
  13. yah i took the carb apart and cleaned it and i noticed the hose was connected to a little tube in the carb, after i cleaned everything i put it back to gether and it still leaked but after i put it back on i noticed there was a small little solid tube i dont remember seeing it in the carb before i was wondering if this has anything to do with the leakage.
  14. hello I was working on my bike today and I noticed there was gas leaking out of a hose that's coming out of my carburator and I dont know how to fix it any ideas
  15. i know im on a crf forum but what would you think would be a better choice i have a 1990 xr200 now but i wanna upgrade to a newer 250 what do you think i should get