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  1. ^ - [hijack] Nice AR15 dude. I have several of them.[/hijack] |
  2. desertroamer

    *****Moonrocks Conditions*****

    We need the Commiefornicators over here blowing their hard earned money at the tables... or else we'd end up with a 9% state income tax also.
  3. desertroamer

    wr250f price

    I got mine OTD for 5600. That included sales tax.
  4. desertroamer

    Blue Or Yellow

    Why did Yamaha switch from yellow to blue and when did it happen? I was away from dirt bikes for about 25 years from childhooh until this past summer.
  5. desertroamer


    I would image that all aluminum parts are anodized. If it we me, at any rate, I'd anodize them then paint over the anodizing. You don't want soft aluminum exposed.
  6. desertroamer

    Vegas to Reno on the WR450

    My rear end hurts just thinking about riding that far.
  7. desertroamer

    05 wr450's new

    I bought a WR on a Yamaha 6.9% card and the very next month transferred the whole balence to a 0%-for 14 month credit card with no transfer fee. 14 months of free money. I hope to find another deal like that as the 14 months nears completion.
  8. desertroamer

    milling machine

    I have a Harbor Freight Mini-Mill that I use to make my own (gasp) firearms receivers. It works great and its a small (which isn't really an asset for machine tools) benchtop machine.
  9. desertroamer

    Two '05 WR250F Questions

    I was messing around with my jetting and inadvertantly induced a severe bog. Going to WOT off idle, the thing would really puke out. It happened when I had the carb set too lean. Raising the needle jet eliminated my bog.
  10. desertroamer

    Gas fumes?

    Both my water heater and furnace are mounted on a pedistal.
  11. desertroamer

    Gas fumes?

    I notice some gas fumes around my wr250f. Nothing very strong, but its noticeable within a couple feet of the bike. I always shut off the gas, and I don't see any leaks (maybe its the gas tank breather hose or one of the hoses coming out off the carb?). Should this be a concern in a garage with a water heater and furnace? It would suck to blow up my house.
  12. desertroamer

    JD main jets same as stock?

    Thanks. I have the kit... he recommends #175 for 6k-9kft, so I guess I don't have to change it considering the manual list #175 as stock.
  13. desertroamer

    JD main jets same as stock?

    Are the JD main jets the same as the stock main jets? For example if JD recommends size 175, should I change if my bike already has 175 stock? Is there any difference?
  14. I have a 2005 WR250F with the following mods: 1) throttle stop resized 2) exhaust baffle removed 3) gray wire cut 4) air box snorkle removed, holes cut in RHS of box 5) power now and power now plus installed I am running at 5000-7000 ft in Nevada. I opened up the carb yesterday and noticed that the needle clip was at position 5 from the factory, whereas I beleive 4 is the nominal factory setting. The bike seems lazy 0-3/4 throttle. At first I thought it was lean from the airbox/exhaust mods and moved the clip to position 6 to raise the needle (richen the mixture). However, it seems like the clip should have been perhaps at position 3 to start with considering the elevation. I didn't notice much difference. I don't really notice any other symptoms except the lack of low end power. Any thoughts?
  15. desertroamer

    Best riding on the North end of Reno

    I think it has to be Moonrocks. Its kinda sandy though. Peavine seems to be mostly 4wd roads and has a lot of rocks. I have not been on the west side of Peavine (Dog Valley?) yet.