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  1. You can find out here.... Five8 MX Live - Texas Moto Show # 13 Show #13 is linked below..... Trey Canard, Richard Huffman w/ historic Texas land mark track RIO BRAVO, & Team Faith - Factory Tech Racing's Chad Goodwin Show Rundown: Call guest - RICHARD HUFFMAN - discusses the Restoration of the most historic track in Texas RIO BRAVO MX PARK. Mosier Valley is Open again - NOT Call guest - CHAD GOODWIN - Factory Tech Racing & Team Faith's mechanic. W-Twin Kevin Weable straight up ate a pop-corn that was snotted up and shot out of Shand's nose... Hawk a Popcorn... Call guest - TREY CANARD - 2008 East Coast Lites Supercross Champion - discusses his broken femur and Faith Texas races....past weekend, and this coming weekend. Bench racing - Southwick national Moment of Truth - Suffering http://www.58mxlive.com Keep in mind, like your "125 beginner days", we are in the initial stages......So, hang in there with us as we get the show up and running with good ole' fashion Texas motocross brought to you by Five8 MX. About the show: Five8 MX Live - Texas Moto Show, is a Texas based weekly online moto show brought to you by FIVE8 MOTOCROSS, with hosts Shand Garcia, author of "Berm The Texas Motocross Chronicles" and Holeshot Magazine fame, as well as FIVE8 MX's W twins, Aaron Woodfield and Kevin Weable. Five8 MX Live will be bringing you weekly shows that cover the Texas moto scene, faith in the MX community, national bench racing, as well as have special guests calling in during the shows to discuss moto. Everyone from track owners, dealership owners, racing legends, upcoming amateur prospects, and moto industry heads will be joining us on the show. We hope you will enjoy the shows, as they are almost guaranteed to help rid the headaches of office cubicles, and irate bosses!
  2. CY25

    Shifter lever problems

    Does the 04-05 have the same bend just longer at the tip? I'm having the same problem, only I wear a size 10 boot,
  3. CY25

    Which Pipe...

    How's the quality on that pipe? I have a friend at factory kawi who said they tried one and it didn't fit well and the finish seemed cheap. He recommended the two bros pipe or PC, I guess that's why I was hoping to see some numbers. I do admit that Rocket pipe looks killer. Thanks!
  4. CY25

    Which Pipe...

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to this 4 stroke thing and the price of pipes is insane. Without expensive trial and error has anyone done pipe tests and posted the results? Thanks!
  5. CY25

    so much for that idea....KX250F

    Great report, thanks!
  6. CY25

    so much for that idea....KX250F

    How's the KXF450?....
  7. CY25

    so much for that idea....KX250F

    My sister's cousins nephew brothers best friend..... Maybe you should buy a CRF250 I hear they go forever. My uncles cousin from his father's side says its a great product
  8. CY25

    New Bike Purchasing w/ Suzuki Card

    NO They only finance thier own VIN numbers. Kawi has better financing than Suzuki anyways...$49 Mo vs $89 Mo
  9. CY25

    '06 KX250F wins shootout!!!!!!!

    I heard the same thing with Dirt Rider picking the KXF. I broke down and bought the 250F after being sent to Yamaha for the past 4 years. Its good to be back on green except the stupid handlebar clamps that twist when you fall over
  10. CY25

    too heavy

    I was really wrestling with this same issue. I have a YZ250 and rode a CRF450 and RMZ450. I hated the CRF450 it was always looking for a berm to turn and it was twitchy. The RMZ was nice but I rode it 4 different days and either loved it or hated it. I rode the RMZ at Baggeland (2x), Elsi and Gorman. When I got on the KXF250 and realized the power is closer to a two smoke 250 than a 125. The torque is amazing making it super fun to ride. I get off this thing with a big smile. Everyone thinks these bikes are four stroke 125s they're not they haul the mail. I weigh 215 and I just rode at AVMotoplex last weekend and was able to clear everything I tried. I could also do about twice as many laps. When I looked around and most guys out are not using anything close to the full power of a 450. I'm working on losing 30lbs but in the mean time I'm really happy with my purchase, I'm just hoping my reliability fears do not come true.
  11. CY25

    My 06 Kx250f

    I asked my dealer last week and he didn't even have micro fisch yet for those. What's the part number for the service manual you got?
  12. My friend works at the factory (Irvine) and the only thing next year for the 250F is BNG (bold new graphics). Now a year ago when I was contemplating buying an 05 250F he told me to wait, I'm glad I did. So unless you have real pics i would have to say your bluffing...
  13. CY25

    '06 engine locked up

    Good point... after reading this thread I was starting to wonder if I made a mistake.