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  1. johnjwc368

    Any Thoughts one whats wrong with my DRZ400S

    It sounds like its broken
  2. johnjwc368

    Newbie DRZ or TE610

    DRZ, the parts are easer to come buy
  3. The Freggin Nature Nazi's piss me off
  4. johnjwc368

    Mike's Sky Ranch Route

    Mikes Ski Ranch GPS cords N3106.541 W11538.156 You better try to make room reservation or you will be S.O.L
  5. johnjwc368

    Cal City (is a GPS needed?)

    I never leave home with out Garmin 5 GPS mounted on my DRZ , check out the package deals at cyco active.com, One of the best features of the unit is the Active log mode , When you activate it in that mode it leaves a snail trial on the screen of every place you have been, and you can zoom in/out on the screen to get your Bearings You should check the web page GPSXchange.com , You can trade your GPS tracks (down loads ) for other tracks from all over the world, And its free, and easy to do, You just down load one of your recorded trips to them and then you can pick a trip from the list of places
  6. johnjwc368

    What's a good calling sick excuses?

    Tell your Boss your bike caught a cough and you have to stay home and baby it back to health
  7. johnjwc368

    E overheating on the dunes

    It takes a lot more power to turn that paddle tire though the sand, that motor is realy laboring hard to get going, So you mite have to many paddles on the tire, And what gearing sit up are you running on your sprockets ????
  8. johnjwc368

    is it ok that i hardly ever use the choke to start?

    Maybe your valves are to tite, check the clearance
  9. johnjwc368

    recommended rim size

    Yes , the 130 will fit fine The 130 has a wider foot print, and don't worry about the rim lock, you are good to go
  10. johnjwc368

    rubber plug in rim

    The purpose of the rim lock is so you don't spin the tire on the rim and tare off the valve stem of your tube when you run low air presser, you got the flat because you pinched the tube on a rock, not because the lack of a rim lock,
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  12. johnjwc368

    Cleaning Valve head

    Go to the Auto parts store and buy a gallon of PARTS DIP, the stuff is designed for the type of cleaning you are doing, Its only about $ 15.00 a gallon, the other stuff mite heart your Valve seals
  13. johnjwc368

    bike only runs on "prime"

    You can also try testing your pit cock flow to see if it is clogged, first disconnect the vacuum line from the carb, but leave the line hooked up to the pit cock then disconnect the gas line, then turn the pit cock to the ON position (no gas will come out ) then suck on the vacuum, if you don't get a good flow then the pit cock is clogged
  14. johnjwc368

    Deep, Loose, Sandy Gravel

    I ride a DRZ 400S, this bike is a tank to Begin with, and in the sand its boat Anchor, but I love the my DRZ, And I ride a lot in the sand, sand wash , Beach's , sand dunes, deserts, Baja cal, Mexico, And one thing I learned is speed is your friend in the sand, you need to do at lease 35 mph to get up on top of it, and don't use your front breaks, I have the Scott's and in the sand I crank that puppy up, and STAND UP and don't try to sit down. And pick your line at lease 100 ' plus feet out, not 30 feet, that create's target fixation and that will get you every time
  15. What I found that works great to hold my Reg / Insurance, is that little plastci bottle that the M&M candys come in, its got a snip on lid and its water tite, I just through it in the air box in my DRZ, Her is another trick , I hook my spair Ign key on the wire that holds the air filter on in the air box