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  1. colejake


    I need to get excel 17's on my DRZ400s building a urban assault machine. where to get them cheapest and the proper size to fit in forks and swingarm. Would love to take to someone who made the change or who just knows
  2. colejake


    Hi I'm building a 00 drz400s into and out of motar. The reason for this bike is simple, I own it. Cheaply, I have three kids and a wife. Tryin to improve on em-all. best cheapest set up you know for power.
  3. colejake

    Is 35 old?

    Like to talk all things two wheels, but chatroom is 16 at best. Why?
  4. colejake

    need used 17's for DRZ400

    I am setting my bike up and need rims tires thumb rearbrake and info on suspenstion
  5. colejake

    DRZ 400 KICK START MODEL- Jetting problem

    punch in DRZ400S in search engine everthing you need to knowis at this site