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  1. This is probably a lame question but I just got done setting up my 88cc kit on a 99 XR70 and I was wondering how I go about seeting the vavles and what to measure. I know they should be set at .003 but I just dont know where, also can I even do this with the top end altogther already on the bike?
  2. Most XR100s you can kick over with your hand.
  3. What do you guys think the best plug to run is? I have been running stock and just wondering - its the little stuff that matters!
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    Ah thanks, I knew what it meant just not what it stood for.
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    What does it stand for?
  6. AJxr

    99 XR70 timing

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!
  7. AJxr

    99 XR70 timing

    I am still having this problem. Do I have to align the cam with the flywheel someway? What does the little cirlce on the timing chain sprocket mean? Anyone? Please.
  8. Ok. The rims on my CT70 are 10 inch! Beatrice Cylce offers Street tires for the rims for 18 bux a piece! if I can the rims to fit would they be to small on my xr70?
  9. BEATRICE CYCLE's 88cc for XR70 Does anyone know how that compares to the TB one? Other then the fact that the kits differ in what they come with (carb, crank, stuff)
  10. Are there 12 inch tires? because then I would just keep the stock rear rim and get a 12 inch front Also I have a 79 CT70 - i wonder what the rim size is on those and if they would fit... I havent looked at that bike in months and it is apart so i wont be ruining a classic if I use them. I will let you guys know what I find when I go check it out.
  11. I run a stock 99 XR70 and after a long while of searching I finally found some street tires for it (13' Michelin Pilot Sport SC) Now I just need to know where I can find 13 inch rims to fit my 70. Anyone know of any place? Also would they bolt right up or would it require fabrication of some sort? Or even easier are there other tires to fit the stock rims? (12 rear - 14 front... i think) Any help will be appreciated.
  12. If you have a Clymer Manual or any other manual that will help me get the timing right on my 99 XR70 please let me know.
  13. AJxr

    Mod Reccomendations

    Thanks! Will look into that, probably not the stroker kit... but the sprockets and airbox mod should work good. Also does anyone know how good the performance jet kit from hondatrailbikes.com (the one for $15) is?
  14. I own a 99 XR70 no mods. Just redid piston and rings. I want to get as much power out of my 70 as possible. Top speed really isnt an option. I plan on doing sprockets and maybe a jet/filter/maybe pipe. What do you guys suggest for which sprockets to switch to and what other mods without getting into taking the engine back apart. Also next time I rebuild I am going to get a big bore kit... possibly that 88cc one I see going around, also any suggestions?
  15. Very cool. Hopefully my project 70 will turn into that. What mods do you have done to it?