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    xr 125, is it real?

    It's real. It's a brazilian made honda. Engine is using a 1974 design but with modern features. Like CDI, electric starter. Basically, it's a cg 125 engine. the cg 125 engine is a bomb prove unit. Almost having the same type of robustness, reliability as the xr 4. The only bane perhaps is lack of power. HP is aproximately 10~13hp @ 9000rpm Torque is 10nm @7500rpm. I don't think USA have the CG 125. Over hear in asia, there are alot of uneducated old folks in the past ride the cg 125. The best part about it is that these folks know nuts and can't be bother with maintenance and servicing. They can run on mineral oil for 18000km(10000miles?) before changing Spark plug is like only god know when since they last change. Or maybe never even change for the past 4 yrs. Drive chain is slapping and looks like they can drop off from the spocket anytime. And this CG 125 will still go on. The only thing can stop them going is perhaps when the gas runs out. A pretty remarkable small and cheap bike I would say. By the way, there's no timing chain. It's a push rod unit.