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  1. sequent

    Ciao from Italy

    Hi Piero, Any recent updates? It's been two weeks...!!! Dave.
  2. sequent

    let's see your xt's

    They did. It was an XTZ660 Tenere. I've got one, and they're great, if a little overweight. The 660 engine went into the Raptor and the SZR road bike (and a few MuZ models).
  3. sequent

    Anyone have experience with Acerbis Tanks?

    A bit of a tip given to me by the shop where I bought my Acerbis tank for my XR400. The guys told me to put some high density foam between the frame and the underside of the tank to take some weight off the mounts. The most common cause of failure (not that failures are too common) is cracking of the tank at the mounts in a crash. Heaps of crashes on mine with the foam, and no damage yet, so maybe good insurance? Dave
  4. sequent

    XR400 service manual - a link that works

    Almost completely off-topic, but in the interests of trying to restore a Honda QR50, I'm wondering whether anyone would have a link, or be able to email me a service, parts and/or owners manual for a Honda QR50 (a bike that was not sold in the US I believe)? Back on topic, the link for the XR250 manual appears to have stopped working. Anyone know why, or can it be re-posted? Thanks. Dave.
  5. sequent

    new pipe

    I've also been looking for a new one for my 84 XR250, but as of yet haven't found anything available, only old OEM ones from eBay. I'm wondering whether a later model (86 onwards) pipe might fit onto the original headers, or whether other, later model headers would fit?
  6. sequent

    1984 XL250 and XR250 - Same Engine???

    Yours doesn't have the original engine, do you know what engine yours does have in it, and if any modifications were necessary to get it to fit? Cheers.
  7. Hi, I have a rolling frame for a 1984 XR250, and I'm currently searching for an engine for it. Would anyone know if either a later model XR250 engine, an XR350 engine or a 1984 XL250 engine will fit in this frame without modification? What were the differences between the 1984 XL250 engine and the 1984 XR250 engine? Any information would be appreciated. Cheers,