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  1. Sorry for bumping an old thread but I used the forum search and found this thread but the question hasn't been answered yet. I wanted to ask the same question: Does anybody know if SM610ie shrouds fit on the SMR570 and vice versa? From pictures they look almost the same and the location of the screws seem to be at the same place too... Or is the shape of the seat/tank different? I'd be very glad if someone knows this or has the opportunity to compare these two plastics... Thanks!
  2. In Australia, they were sold till 2005 as far as I know.
  3. Is this airbrush?
  4. Mice pic Mortifer !
  5. Looks like KTM headlight !
  6. That's an Acerbis Blitz headlight
  7. I'd guess S (see fork) But what taillight is that?
  8. Nice and clean XR. What year is it? Edit: This is my KLX400 SM: (click to enlarge)
  9. This is my KLX :
  10. hehe^^ that is where I got most of the pics from
  11. ok, I uploaded a few Pics:
  12. Hey guys! that is a limited Version - only available in France. You can buy the plastics for about 1500$. I have lots of pics on my Harddisk. If you want I can upload a few.....
  13. Hey guys! Does anyone know if the DRC Edge is really as dark as it looks on this picture: ? It looks cool, but I don't know if the police would like it .... Thanks! Philipp
  14. Hey guys! I just ordered an airbox cover from UFO Plast (sidepanels). My question is: are the clips (don't know the exact word in English ) included? (I'm talking about the "things" which hold the airbox cover in place.....) Thanks' for any answers in advance! Philipp
  15. Hey thank's for the quick answer!