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  1. if you go on www.mxtrax.co.uk then click motocross, then there will be a tab for mini bike forum, register, lots of friendly people on there!
  2. http://adrenalintrip.extreme.com/forum/viewtopic/163/108211?extension=gallery&siteid=127 try that one
  3. yea im from england, norwich, do you go on adrenalin trip forum's?
  4. well in UK they are same price / cheaper than the alternatives! im not planning on racing them, just messing about!
  5. how do you post pics so they show up do you no?
  6. the other side i dont no how to upload pics, sorry MX SPORT SPEC LIST: . Chromoly Frame and footrest bar . Alloy Swingarm . 12" Front Wheel . Alloy Wheels and Hubs (with heavy duty spokes) . 14mm Wheel Spindles . Alloy High Handle Bars . Big Bore Mikuni Carb (Plus foam Filter) . Front & Back Discs . CRF Plastics (inc. Graphics) . Race Pipe . CDi Ignition . 36mm Forks . Alloy Yokes . Adjustable Gas Shock . Sump Guard . 125cc Four Stroke Motor . Kick Start Only . 4 Speed Box (1 down 3 up) . Manual Clutch (Secondary enables in gear starting) . Parts Back up
  7. hello, im new on this forum , i usually post on adrenalin trip forums in the UK but have been refered to here. just wondering what you guys thing of the SDG mini bikes, im looknig into buying one (called 'speed mini') and just wanting some feedback from them. here is a pic and discription: