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  1. Here is mine Loved it so much I just put this one up for sale and put money down on a 2011!!!!!
  2. wills837

    repacking dubach pipe

    done both notta MM
  3. I have repacked so many 4 storke pipes and never struggled so much on this one I must be doing something wrong. I have a carbon/stainless pipe and undid the screws on the inlet end. I CAN NOT GET THE THING TO BUDGE. It will not come apart. TIPS? ANYTHING?
  4. wills837

    06 YZ450 anyone yet

    Hey D bag I have got one or two brand new Yamahas every year since 1997 they sometimes come earlier then they say and I am in WI so when they hit Cali about 2 or 3 weeks they hit here so just checking to see I live at a Yamaha Dealership lets just say i know something about how it works!!!!!!
  5. wills837

    06 YZ450 anyone yet

    Ok i gave it a week anyone yet 06 YZ450F
  6. wills837

    06 YZ450 anyone yet

    Wisconsin Rapids WI BUT DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THERE ARE 450s in Cali yet YAMAHA 450s
  7. wills837

    06 YZ450 anyone yet

    does that mean like next week in WI
  8. I was riding the last two days and i noticed today there was oil leaking all over under the gas tank around the cdi box its not coming from the oil check spout but it is coming from right under the frame under the gas tank and lots of it. but there is still plenty of oil in it i looked for over a hour for a hole or leak found nothing. is there a over flow up there or somthing if the oil was to high???
  9. wills837

    Oh my word someone sell my 450

    lets hope so I have till October then my 05 is due and i need the money from the 04 to pay that one hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. wills837

    Oh my word someone sell my 450

    nobody wants a YZ450F
  11. I got a 04 YZ450F price down to $3400 thing is like new and hasn't been rode since fall of 04. HOW COME I CAN'T SELL IT.