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  1. Kingchett

    2007 Rmz 450

    Taken from Transworldmx ''The RM-Z450s, meanwhile, sat idle for the most part, as all of the team's factory 450 riders are sidelined with injuries. Suzuki will allow one of the factory test riders to race the machine in this weekend's race, so I will be sure to get video of him in action for next week's Thursday Theater. The bike has an all-new frame, which was said to be designed with greater rigidity in mind. Check out the new frame rail behind the radiator shrouds, and you get the idea. All of the RM-Z450s were equipped with electronic fuel injection, and Suzuki did not attempt to cover the bikes or hide the system like Yamaha and Honda did. (More on that later.) Unlike the 2006 Suzuki LTR450 Quadracer, which comes with EFI right off the dealership floor, the RM-Zs do not rely on a battery and electric starter to get the system to fire the bike up. Two of the RM-Zs on hand used KYB works components, while the others used Showa.''
  2. Kingchett

    shim kit

    I have checked the valves clearances but not sure about somthing. I can fit about 3 or so feeler gauge fins between the gap with all 3 of them touching both sides, question is with what pressure do you slide the fins in the gap with or must it be very loose just touching both sides..Ie you can force feeler fins if in if you want. Any Suggestions...
  3. Kingchett

    MX near Bentonville

    Does anybody know where there is a MX shop in Bentonville and what there name is ?
  4. Kingchett

    RMZ450 is it to much for trails?

    Hey Gregg. Between 200-230 aswell , what your clickers set at? Oil Height changed ect ? And with the soft springs for our wieght did you still set the sag in the recomended height or a little lower? Cheers
  5. Kingchett

    Still No FlyWheel weights for RMZ450

    Hi ALL. Been looking everywhere on the net and Mailed various Companys and still non available yet. Some say few months away still. Anybody know anything else on this topic.
  6. Hey Guys... Don't know how to start a Poll but i am interested to see what bikes ie make, cc's and year everyone has and the numbers we are talking about 3 years old or less and which are the most poplular boneys around. If we can create a poll like the following.. Make Year Stroke Size. Poll Suz 04rm 2 250 -------(5) Suz 05rmz 4 450 ------(10) Suz 06rmz 4 450 ------(25) Yami 03 yz 2 250 -------(3) Yami 04 yzf 4 250 -------(33) Yami 05 yzf 4 450 ------(22) Kawa .... You get the message , can someone set this up (Moderator ?) Have not found this on search.. Cheers..
  7. Kingchett

    Enduro Vs Mx suspension

    Hi All.(converted roady) Pls can you shed some light on this subject. From what i've read is that Enduro Suspension is alot softer that Mx to soak up the bumps and Mx suspension must be harder to take the harder impacts of jumps and not bottom out. Eg. If i want my Mx bike for trails i must set the suspension(compression) as soft as possible without bottoming , if this means adding more/different fork oil then so be. Obviously fork/shock spring rates have to be correct for both apps. Please clarify the differences for me or what one would do to mx suspension for enduro type riding ie valves ect. Regards
  8. Kingchett

    Sub Frame.....

    Hey Mxman502. Go to www.mrcycles.com and choose rmz450 - stock oem parts for resonable parts(all of them with diagrams) Damn good site.Hope you get better.. CHow
  9. Kingchett


    Hey Gymrat. Stay in Jhb(kyalami), Did the Wfo in drakensburg this weekend which is a bit closer to you...what a jol but hectic.. I think rather send into the shop if you still have knocking sound and not valves n Cam Chain, it might save you $'s in the end. CHeers
  10. Kingchett


    I also started hearing knocking noise and cam chain was loose...Readjusted and Knocking was gone..alot smoother now...But i guess if you checked valves you must have check the cam tension.
  11. Kingchett

    Overheating...Anyone ?

    Hey John45. Did first enduro this weekend on rmz450 and overheated for first time aswell on Rocky Section. Spat out steam and green coolant . Thought i had cooked the engine but just waited a few minutes and carried on when it happend, all was ok just check and top up coolant afterwards. Cheers
  12. Kingchett

    Stalling During Enduro

    Come to think of it , was backfiring a little when starting. Maybe it had somthing to do with lower altitude and i higher octane gas aswell..Will check sparkplug. Thx Kxfmansson.
  13. Kingchett

    Stalling During Enduro

    Hi All Rode my first enduro this weekend on my Suz450. Everthing went good even though on Mx bike but i keep stalling during the tight stuff and when i come to a complete stop with clutch pulled in. From other threads on this site picked up that a Weighted flywheel will help avoid stalling. Is this true? When bike is warm, in gear and clutch fully pulled in it is fully dis-engaged so why am i stalling so much? Idle is set right aswell. I am really envious for the guys with Elec Start right now.. Chow..
  14. Kingchett

    RMZ450 Top Speed?

    So 49 tooth rear = +-120km/h what diff to top speed would a 47 tooth make +-?
  15. Kingchett

    Suspension - Sag rmz450

    Ok measured and my sag was +-130mm and adusted the spring and now sits at +-95mm. What a difference , handles better and feels much more in control. Very easy job. This weekends project is adjusting comp and rebound dampening. Thanks for all your help guys...