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  1. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    Check out what I took home with me today...

    I got the handguards for my 09 SM 450 R from Highway Dirt Bikes. Very good quality. Check 'em out. No affiliation. Sorry for the 205.
  2. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    NEWS UPDATE - Husqvarna Challenge Cup Race

    Hope to see some of you come out for the Inaugural Husqvarna Challenge Cup Supermoto race tomorrow. Right now, it looks like we'll have 16 to 18 racers in the CC race. More are welcome so come on out. The weather forecast is for partly cloudy skies and temps in the 70s. Perfect day for racing!
  3. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    NEWS UPDATE - Husqvarna Challenge Cup Race

    Too bad you can't make it, DRZ. I'm a fan of Wisconsin Dual Sport Rider events and in fact help sponsor the Spring Ride for Research. The trails around Wabeno are a blast, whether you're talking about the Thumper or Adventure routes. Have fun and please say "Hi" to John Newton for me. Hopefully, you'll be able to race in a Husqvarna Challenge Cup series next year.
  4. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    NEWS UPDATE - Husqvarna Challenge Cup Race

    Too bad you can't make it, Jaro. I was hoping we could attract some Canadian representation for this race. If this works out, perhaps we can get you racing down here in the Challenge Cup Series next year. Cheers!
  5. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    NEWS UPDATE - Husqvarna Challenge Cup Race

    Richard Kenton-Weeks, the Aftersales Manager for Husqvarna North America, will be participating in the Inaugural Husqvarna Challenge Cup race being held in Clio, Michigan on Sunday, September 27th. This race is also the final race in the 2009 Michigan Supermoto Championship. Richard is an avid Supermoto fan and has raced in a couple of club races. He also has extensive roadracing experience with quite a few 250 GP and 600 cc road races under his belt. In addition to racing in the Challenge Cup Race, Richard will be available to talk about Husqvarna motorcycles, answer questions and generally shoot the bull with us. He will also be presenting the purse to the winners of the Race. We're really excited that Richard is going to join us. We hope that any Husqvarna racers still on the fence about coming to the race will see this news as the last bit of incentive to come to the race. Hope to see you there!
  6. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Publisher among other things....
  7. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    NEWS UPDATE - Husqvarna Challenge Cup Race

    Items of note for those Husqvarna racers participating in the Inaugural Husqvarna Challenge Cup Supermoto Race on September 27th at Auto City Speedway in Clio, Michigan. We will be marking off a separate area in the pits exclusively for Husqvarna racers, There, we can be with our own kind to bench race, talk tech, intimidate the competition, race prep, hydrate / re-fuel and recover from track time. Look for the Husqvarna banner and Midwest Motorcyclist™ logo’d van when you enter the pits. For those not familiar with MI Supermoto races. The track opens for racers approximately four hours prior to the first heat race. On the 27th, the track will be open at 12 noon. All racers will identify their skill level (Beginner, Amateur or Pro) at race registration. Assuming there are no unforeseeable issues to interfere with track time, each group will get a 20-minute practice session during each of the four hours prior to the heat races. There won’t be separate practice sessions for the Husqvarna riders. Only the Challenge Cup Heat Race and the Challenge Cup Main Event race will feature only Husqvarna racers. Bottom line fee for Husqvarna racers participating in the Challenge Cup Race and another class designated by the aforementioned skill levels is $110. The fee, assuming you arrive in time for the first practice sessions beginning at 12 noon, includes four 20-minute practice sessions, a Challenge Cup heat race, a Beginner, Amateur or Pro heat race, the Husqvarna Challenge Cup Main Event race and the regular Main Event race according to your self-identified skill class. That’s a lot of track time and racing for a minimal race registration fee. Whether you’re a racer or a fan, come on out and join us for the final race in the 2009 Michigan Supermoto Championship and the Inaugural Husqvarna Challenge Cup Race. See you there!
  8. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    Lets see some fine italian art!

    Just installed some from Highway Dirt Bikes (www.highwaydirtbikes.com). Love 'em! Easy install, great looking and they have alreayd saved my hands in a recent crash. Not affiliated with the company; just like the looks and performance of their product.
  9. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    Xr650l Motard Wheels?

    I converted my '97 XR-L to motard configuration last year. Based on the research I did before the conversion, I'd don't believe that any hubs other than stock will work without significant modification. I ended up sending my stock hubs to Buchanan Spoke & Rim for lace-up to 17" rims. Took about four weeks and they did an excellent job. Might be more complicated from Australia but you can likely find a local provider to do the same thing. Like you, I would like to pick up a set of front and rear hubs to re-fit to the wheels so I can switch out between motard and dual sport configuration. Good luck!
  10. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    circleville oh, test and tune this saturday!!!

    What are the hours? Cost? Thanks!
  11. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    Super motard ???

    49 years old and two street motards, a converted XR650L and an MZ 125 SM. You'll never have more fun on two wheels than when riding a motard. Try it just once and you'll be hooked. It's the future of sport motorcycling!
  12. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    "L" Suspension upgrade suggestions ?

    Tech-Care Suspension in Waterford, Michigan. (248) 666-4651, ask for Dave. They tuned my '97 XR650L suspension and the change is incredible. The ride is more smooth and the handling is excellent both on the road and in the dirt. Prior to the tune-up the suspension was too stiff which made for a hard, uncomfortable ride. Handling was horrible in bumpy situations; the bike was bouncing all over the trails. They advertise in Cycle News and maybe a couple of the other MX publications.
  13. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    What was your first bike?

    Suzuki Trail Hopper
  14. Midwest Supermoto Fan

    How to ride a SM on the street?

    We ran an article by Regular Columnist Dan Green (owner / instructor at Slide Attack Supermoto schools) about riding positions in the August issue of SuperMotard Magazine. You can access the issue by going to www.SuperMotardMagazine.com and click on the August issue located in near the bottom of the navigation buttons on the left side of the screen. I hope Dan's tips help. Ray