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  1. MapIt

    You ride a Suzuki, What's your job? (NOW WITH PICS)

    Cartographer / Mapping Specialist. Commute 70 miles round trip to / from work and love every mile of it!!!
  2. MapIt

    Could it be the sprocket?

    My DR is making what sounds like the chain slipping on the rear sprocket. It's making some noise like it's binding or slipping. It has the OEM rear sprocket with 17,000 miles on it. The chain is still under the 12.6in stretch spec. The chain is properly adjusted and well maintained. The rear sprocket doesn't appear to be excessively worn. I just can't put my finger on it. Any ideas? I think I should start with the rear sprocket since it's easier and cheaper than a new chain and sprockets. The front sprocket is always being changed depending on terrain. Thanks in advance.
  3. I just turned 17,000 miles. The only problem I have are tires and until now the rear sprocket. Other than that this thing is bullet proof. I figure about 2500 of these miles are off road. ORV trails, woods riding and two tracks.
  4. MapIt

    650 Stalling just off idle.

    Anyone have any idea what may cause this: I have an ’03 650 with a DJ kit, K&N, modified air box and 3 turns out on the mixture screw (Recommended by Dyno Jet instructions). There are a lot of times when I leave from a stop and give the throttle a quick short twist, just enough to get moving the engine dies. If I slowly roll the throttle on everything is fine. This will happen when the engine is cold, warm or hot. Other than that the bike runs great! This was an issue even before any mods were done. I always run 93 octane or better, I even ran some 106 octane racing fuel thru it trying to clean out anything I could not see and both the plugs look fine. BTW: If you can get your hands on some racing fuel……..Amazing what 13 more octane does, but at $5.45 a gallon.
  5. MapIt

    ttr 50

    My son just turned 5 when we got him a TTR 50. Put him on and he never looked back! The gears are a bit sticky but other than that a great bike for kids.
  6. MapIt

    post up which dynojet mainjet you are using!

    Mid-Michigan, 800-1100 ASL(Above Sea Level). Running with a DJ, 3rd clip with a 160MJ, ground header weld, 3-1/2 turns out on the pilot, K&N and no air box cover. Should have done this 15000 miles ago! I also could care less about the gas mileage and still getting 53mpg. BTW: 16t front sprocket.
  7. I just installed a Dyno Jet kit with a K&N filter on my 03 650. It has made a big improvement, not that it was a big surprise after reading all of your threads and responses on this issue. I do have a couple of questions: I used the recommended jet and mixture screw adjustments from Dyno Jet with great results. Should I leave it at that or can I get even more out of my upgrades? Can I go one or two sizes bigger on the main, should I drill the slide, swiss cheese the air box instead of removing the cover or move up or down on the clip? Somehow I'm thinking I can get even better results from these mods. I did make one mistake on the install which may have been a good thing. I inadvertently put the retainer on the 3rd clip from the top instead of the 4th. I'm running the stock exhaust as well. I will say if this is all I can get, I'm a very happy camper! I should have done this 14,000 miles ago. A big thanks goes out to all for your threads, posts and responses. Without this site and your input my right foot would still be burning, woldn't be able to see behind me and until now, way underpowered to name a few.
  8. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this problem. At speeds of 25-40 mph if you hold the throttle at a constant position anywhere in this range the bike surges. There is no change in rpm's or does it act like it's running out of gas. It's just slight surges like a slipping clutch or a worn belt on a snowmobile. It doesn't do this under hard acceleration. It's not a huge problem, I just want to get it corrected if possible.
  9. MapIt

    Max Wattage!

    I had two 55w bulbs mounted with a volt meter attached to check the output of the stator. It was OK at 45 - 55mph. I rode 35 miles evey day one way to work with the lights on thinking everything was good only to find after a few days the battery was not keeping pace with the stator. Result: Dead battery in just under a month! OK fine, I purchased a trickle charger and hooked it up every day after my ride home. After storage for the winter months (4) here in Michigan, the battery was toast. $60 for a new one. I switched bulbs to 35w for each light and no problems yet after 2 seasons. Not as good as the 55w bulbs, but still much better than the stock bulb for sure.
  10. MapIt

    Chain maintenance ??

    I can attest to this as well. My DR has 14k. Mostly high speed miles on dirt roads and the street. Just keep it routine.
  11. MapIt

    Wind blew my DR over....

    I have a small piece of plastic pipe I prop under the right foot peg I stash in my fender bag for those windy days. I always figure it would be my luck my bike would fall over onto the adjacent car that always seems to be parked out of it's space after I park. It's worked with wind gusts of up to 40mph so far. It also works as a breaker bar to get the rear axel nut loose if needed. Bonus!
  12. MapIt

    Rear Rack....quick question...

    My OEM rack came with all necessary hardware as well.
  13. I tried to order a set of "Progressive" fork springs for a friend of mine only to find out they have been discontinued. Can someone recommend a decent set of springs for mostly mildly rough two tracking, occasionally trail and very light street use for a 225 lb. rider. The original springs were chopped about 4 inches to accommodate ride height as was the rear. The rear has been replaced with a "Race Tech" spring rated for the appropriate weight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. MapIt

    People with Maxxis M6006 tire

    1000 miles and it was done. I'm a 70 on and 30 off road rider. I would not buy another one unless it was going on a second rim that I could change to trail ride. Don't get me wrong, it's a great tire for two track'in and has good grip on asphault, but if your putting on lots of miles on the asphault I'd look at something else. I switched to Avon tires and like them but there not so good on the loose stuff. This has got to be one of the biggest headaches for the dual sport riders. www.dr650mirrorextensions.com
  15. MapIt

    maps, mounted on the front?

    Try and looking at the Dennis Kirk Snowmobile catalog. There are a few options for snowmobiles as far as map holders. There is one you could wrap around the cross bar on the bars. It's waterproof and is durable. I've used one on my sled for the past four years. I'm certain it would work on the bike. I personally use an HP IPAQ connected to my Magellan mounted with a custom made bracket mounted to the bars.