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  1. I have a crf250r. In your opinion would a 450x be better for the western oregon riding. I am thinking so.
  2. Well 98 and up is pretty dang hot. but as far as cold ive done 24 degrees
  3. I live in Oregon and we cant get a CRF450X street legal. Does anyone know if Honda possibly has a CRF450 -- like a DRZ400sm coming out sometime soon. hate to ride a Suzuki. Anyone know. Thanks
  4. nice 450. i have a great product idea. get the pro moto billet kickit kick stand. it hides muvh better and is light weight. little spendy but totally worth it.
  5. sweet bike. need some youth and big hairy ones to really ride the bike the right way. i kicked over a 89 and that mofo kcikstart through me over the bike and tore my boot. i weighed 200 lbs also.
  6. Hey question, where do you start off to go from the reno side of the hill to virginia city. I saw some guys in virginia city in the spring having lunch that did it. Is it a great ride? Sorry for the lack of detail on start point, im new to the area.
  7. check your float bowl.
  8. buy it. its a great bike. just do your services and it will hold up fine. theres not a lot of dust in washington. so.. that helps i think. if someone stole my bike i would be looking to call up a couple of hard hittin brothers. with a pair of pliars, and a blow torch. thats just sickening.
  9. it amazes me how much business we take from dealers and shops by going on this sight. it makes us regular white collar dudes look somewhat mechanical by tearing a bike down and asking questions on how to fix it up. genius place to go, just genius.
  10. you could get the more detailed shop maunual. but yea do what your doing. it wont hurt anything. just remember this thought. watch what it looks like when you take something apart. never ever over tighten a screw or bolt period. and when you can buy a torqc wrench. you can pick them up for less then 75.00. make sure the wrench is in the parameters of the torqe levels of the bikes parts.
  11. let me know when you have a question. i might have some experience on that issue, and could be of help.
  12. i second this. bought mine used. but looked damn near perfect. paid 325.00 on ebay.
  13. just went through this. you had a piece of dirt or some kind of article in the pilot jet. always check that first for dirt.
  14. i replaced mine and did it dry. that is the best. you will hear different opinions on this.
  15. its always messy. but you really need to take that whole thing apart top to bottom and learn how it works. you wont screw it up. in fact do the same with the whole bike. you will need to take it down to grease the bearings, in the swing arm and axles. its fun. and you will enjoy that part as much as riding. at least i do.
  16. go to 42. your turned out way to far
  17. stock up on tires
  18. Guys, my carb has been cleaned, jets new, all is in spec. But it only starts and runs on choke. could that be bad gas? When does gas go Bad? Thanks
  19. got it fixed. i think the float was stuck somehow. or it was the race gas. dont know. but it rips at 326 feet elevation. and i weigh 225.
  20. any takers on this
  21. well the plate was upside down. fixed it. now i cant fire the #$@#$ up. I do have a 14.8.1 piston in it. at 5000 feet it fired up. now at 326 feet and it is hard to kick and just not firing. any thoughts?????????????? also i tried push starting. the wheel is not rolling for me at all. is it the piston?
  22. I hate that lower sub frame bolt. pain in my ass. im no expert, but could they of sleeved that hole with a hard metal.
  23. ron told me, yes you need race gas at the lower elevations like washington, or, oregon where i am from and moved back to.
  24. i was thinking about that. i will also try this. thank you.
  25. i did have the slide out. i will check that. thanks