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  1. sleepertoy

    Won't idle-carb removal question

    dang, you'd think something like a carb would be more simple to get in and out considering how likely it is to need work at some point... oh well. Thank man.
  2. sleepertoy

    Won't idle-carb removal question

    None. Don't plan to do 3x3 or anything because the bike is up for sale. I'm buying another one or maybe a KTM later this year but it'll be one that someone else has already put money into. Just need the cash.
  3. sleepertoy

    Won't idle-carb removal question

    Hi, Noobish question so I apologize in advance (i did search but didn't have much luck) Was having some issues with my '06 not wanting to run smooth. Had to keep the throttle off idle or it would die. Was difficult to start. Would run for a while at full or half choke but wouldn't stay running. So, clogged jet? I pulled the carb and blasted some air through the jets and passages and it all appears to be clear. Questions are as follows: 1. Anything else I can look at while I've got it apart? 2. Is there an easier way to remove the carb? I disconnected everything from it and kind of man handled out of the bike without removing the airbox. This was a PITA. Is it best just to take the whole airbox assy. out? I managed to strip the head on one of the fuel bowl screws too so I guess I'll put some stainless ones in now.
  4. sleepertoy

    S Carb tear down drawing?

    Cool, that's what I was looking for. I probably will go ahead with my 3x3 at the same time.
  5. sleepertoy

    S Carb tear down drawing?

    I think my pilot jet is clogged. Best to pull whole carb or can I do it easily with the carb in the bike? Is there a good tear down diagram around online that would help me out?
  6. sleepertoy

    speedometer doesn't work after tire change

    Hah that is *exactly* what it was. Must have vibrated loose or something. I was looking at it like "&%$#@!?? it's so simple, how could it be messed up?"
  7. So i just put some M21s on the 400s ('06) and after putting it back together, the speedo doesn't work anymore. It *seems* like it's put together correctly and I rode it a couple miles before I noticed.... thoughts?
  8. sleepertoy

    DRZ sand riding

    So I've been practising this. I get comfy at the top of 2nd gear riding up washes but I have issue with the whole turning thing. Narrow stuff with pointy things to wreck in make me nervous and I find that I'm using so much energy keeping the bike tracking where I want it to go that eventually it wears me down and I just start wrecking. could someone explain the steering with throttle and rear brake thing a bit better? Also, if I'm doing it right, I shouldn't be getting so worn out should i?
  9. sleepertoy

    Need pics of 2006 yellow s!!!!

    http://web.mac.com/alexgauthier/iWeb/moto Mine is yellow, there are pics of it on this page I'm using to sell it.
  10. sleepertoy

    How to sell bike in CA?

    But.... you are all qualified and sober experts..... right?
  11. sleepertoy

    How to sell bike in CA?

    good tip, thanks
  12. sleepertoy

    How to sell bike in CA?

    what about the title though? Do i just sign it and hand it over? It is plated in Oregon and has an Oregon title. I should make a bill of sale I guess too. I'm a little leary of accepting a check as well... i guess I could ask for a cashiers check or money order.
  13. sleepertoy

    How to sell bike in CA?

    So due to financial issues, I'm gonna have to let my new 06 DRZ 400s go. :-( It's got an Oregon Title and plate. Can anyone tell me what I have to do on the legal front to sell it here in California?
  14. sleepertoy

    Am I Going to Hell?

    you are most certainly on a hell bound train... but i dont think there is a place for people silly enough to buy something like that with no research etc.... i mean please. This is why we have evolution so who was asleep at the switch when he was born?
  15. sleepertoy

    Check out my Baja plan

    My one friend really had his heart set on being down for the 500 but I've convinced him to just fly down and we'll just cruise out by Ojos Negros pre-race and drink beer and camp out with the locals like I did for the 1000. This way we have a nice air-conditioned 4runner to hide in if we want. Or perhaps we'll go out along the pacfic around Erenida (sp?) though from what I remember that is not a very exciting stretch (but beautiful). We're pushing our trip into early May late April. I don't mind some heat during the day as long as it isn't over 90 the whole time and the temperture drop at night will be refreshing. Great info guys, I appreciate you sharing your experience. I'll probably revive this thread with some specific questions about destinations once we get it all finalized. I really would like to ride some of the stuff around here and Nevada and also the Pacific Crest trail. Dave being up in Oregon has a lot of awesome terrain right out his back door too but we both love Baja a lot and want to see it from the back of a moto instead of a car.