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  1. Thanks for the pointers all, I will try and find some time to do the above mentioned in the next couple weeks.
  2. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place for this or not. I have a 2005 WR450F that I parked in 2007 and it has not been ridden or started since. It is in great shape and has some mods done to it (all free mods, titanium slip on, radiator guards, reusable oil filter, some other little things). My problem is I am unable to get it running, no idea what could be wrong and I don't have much time to fix it, I would like to just sell it as is but have no idea what it could be worth. Is there any ballpark I could start in? is $2,000 too much to ask for this? Thank you advance.
  3. As already stated get the 450. Ride it in stock form then when you get comfortable uncork it and blast away. You can always use less power than you have but never more.
  4. I should have specified that I never planned on racing it in any MX races...
  5. The WR has the E-Start, headlight, more fly wheel weight making it harder to stall when lugging, larger gas tank, skid plates, kick stand, 18 inch rear tire (less flats), Not sure about the gearing in the transmission but im pretty sure the WR has a wider spread in the ratios. I went with the WR cause I knew I wasnt going to be racing it and would be trail riding it.
  6. I have to disagree here, there are a few things that you will need to do to get the most out of the bike. These mods are cheap and do not require a lot of work or extensive knowledge but they will make the bike a beast. In stock form the bike is disappointing and had me seriously re-thinking my choice in it (2005 model) After the free mods I had no doubt in my mimd I picked the right one.
  7. May I ask where you took it to?
  8. I added a powercore ti slip on to my all stock 05 and it added some more ooomph without being too loud, also lost 2 - 3 pounds off the back of the bike. It's a cheap muffler also think I paid around 260 for it, you could add one of these and a powerbomb header for under 500 easily.
  9. If you are going to ride it in sand get the 450.
  10. The latest issue of dirt bike has a KX250F they put it on and they said it was the best thing for the bike, increased the bottom end and throttle response according to them. I think I will get one for my bike soon.
  11. Yamaha

    I am not sure of your riding area or style, but if the only thing your banshee will see is the dunes then go with a top end pipe like the CPI, or Shearer inframes. My banshee is a dunes only bike (Wr450 for trails) I put on a set of the CPI's and love them for the type of riding I do, where I can keep the motor revved in the top of the power band.
  12. Yamaha

    I don't think this would affect peak hp numbers it may make a better average hp if what you say is true, but peak hp would not be affected by this. If all your looking at is the peak it doesn't matter if the tranny keeps it in the heart of the powerband longer cause your only looking at a small window where the peak occurs. My friends Raptor really woke up with exhaust, intake, and tuner.
  13. Any good sites where we can see the leader board and times at the end of the stages?
  14. Ya expect to see it on the YZ first...even though I think the WR would benefit from it more and would be easier to adapt it too (already has a battery), and I think the WR is more likely to see drastic elevation changes in one ride, where as the YZ doesn't.
  15. I believe it is only the US models that get the AIS and that is because of California and its strict emission laws.