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  1. how do u get those motocross icons as ur avatar thingy plz help
  2. foxrider00

    what 85 brand is the best?

    cool thx guys
  3. foxrider00

    91 650 dr hard starting

    mine isnt
  4. foxrider00

    4 Stroke help????

    the fmf powercore 4 is if u have anymore questions pm me
  5. which 2 stroke 85 u think is best yami,kawi,honda,ktm,suzuki etc.
  6. vote on this theard who your favroite dirtbike ridder is i go with ricky charmichel and danny smith
  7. foxrider00

    Everts vs Carmicheal

    ricky is so much better
  8. foxrider00

    best 250cc 4 stroke

    i say that the CRF250 and the YZ250F are the best.
  9. foxrider00

    2 Stroke 85 or 4 stroke 125

    ttr125s r not that great and but 85s r awsome i say the YZ85 is the best out of the 85s
  10. foxrider00

    06 yz or 06 rm

    yami cause it rides better and more powerful
  11. i wondering what 85 brand is the best cause iam going to buy 1 for my 11 year old brother so i needed some help.