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  1. Can you use a stock head gasket with a 2mm larger piston? My dad swears he read that you can on here. Thanks
  2. Supercross

    What were the Browns thinking when they hired JLaw?
  3. Yes. I ride there all the time.
  4. does anyone know if Riverdale has been getting enough vintage riders at the vintage races to actaully hold the race, or have they been just turning the race into open practice? such as tomorrow. open practice would be nice since it might be a little nice outside.
  5. look who's talking WAMXP1MP
  6. it was fun, with a few wet spots but nothing real bad. you should be good for tomorrow if it doesnt rain hard.
  7. waunch kicked your ass
  8. yeah. I'm racing the pro-am.
  9. you guys got it all wrong, the fast way through the whoops was single single single single single single scrub and for those other jumps, you just jump dem hills from one to the nother.
  10. Hey the same thing happend to me, except I noticed the oil on my air filter. Had to get a valve seat re-cut, you might want to check that out.
  11. My buddy, who owns a honda, got 1 dollar with a survey about a new 450. Being a typical honda owner, he bragged about hondas commitment to quality and owner satisfaction. I asked later if he ever sent it in. Of course not. So I get him to let me see it. Its really wants to know if he would be willing to pay more for fuel injection. Gotta love honda quality. I think Yamaha is wasting money though. How can you fault the perfect bike? Oh yeah. The chain.
  12. I'm sure they will handle Ricky very carefully, in his first year. Kind of cherry pick his races, so he doesn't get bummed. But at some point, he will be tested. I sure hope he does well. MX racers will be shown to be the athletes that we are.
  13. man thanks pitbikeguy for being nice, your the greatest!!!
  14. track was pretty nice I was there w/ my dad rad'sdad on Saturday, it had all dem nice ruts and those dirt hills that you jump from one to the nother, kyle you shoulda came saturday pusslips it was pretty nice.
  15. No you dont need numbers to go practice