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    Boyesen Shokout grip system for arm problems?

    Sure fire cure for tennis elbow: Generally, the reason someone experiences tennis elbow is that the muscles on one side of the elbow have become relatively more powerful than the muscles on the other side of the elbow. The cure - increase the strength of the neglected muscle group. To do this: 1) Sit in a chair at a desk. 2) Extend the arm afflicted w/tennis elbow so that the arm is straight, and lay it on top of the desk or table. 3) Use the hand OF YOUR OTHER ARM to push down lightly on the back of the knuckles of the hand of the afflicted arm. You are gently holding the hand of the afflicted arm on the desk/table. 4) Without moving your arm, push the knuckles of the hand of your afflicted arm against the palm of your other arm. You are essentially performing an isometric strengthening of your afflicted arm. Sorry for the long post, but I guarantee your TE will go away after 3 or 4 of these exercises. Dart