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  1. Tim! You da man! Cleaned the carb inside out and it fixed the leak like a charm! Thanks buddy!
  2. Thanks! I'll give it a try.
  3. Can you tell me what part number that is so I can look it up and know what part exactly I need to clean? I have the same overflow problem. Thanks.
  4. Ahhh, but that would imply that the exhaust was more corked up than the intake. Not so in our case at hand.
  5. Heh heh, thx ndawg!
  6. TT-R 90 with KX65 front end. Sick. I wanna see it!
  7. Sorry, just got here. I thought the original question was about an idle problem. That would take the main jet out of the equation. The problem is definitely the pilot jet. A 17.5 at least is needed, depending on your elevation. The bike's come so lean from the factory that a 17.5 is perfect for a completely stock bike. At an elevation of about 1000', a 20 works fine with a better pipe and a little more air. Remember, if you increase the flow of air out, like with a better pipe, you need to increase the flow of air in as well. Skeptical? Try running around with nose plugs on!
  8. Maybe as high as a 20. That's what I run on a stock motor with only a pipe change and airbox mod. Adjusted air screw and all my hard starting problems went away instantly.
  9. I have an FMF Powercore 4 for a TT-R 125 for sale in Thumpertalk classifieds. $100. PM me for pics.
  10. With no compression, it sounds like you may have hung a valve. Could be cam too. Did you pull that? Just a thought. (edit) Oops, didn't see the 2nd page before making this post! Just as I thought.
  11. I pulled the stock lever and linkage off and put a Sunline lever for a YZ450F straight to the shift shaft and it works great.
  12. Keep in mind the larger 16" 125L rear wheel wont fit the stock 125 swingarm. You'd have to change the swingarm to a 125L to accommodate the larger rear wheel.
  13. Shims/washers are the answer. Just figure out the right spot to place them. The "master link snag syndrome" is a side to side thing, not a bottoming thing.
  15. Search the ThumperTalk Store. There are a bunch on there.