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  1. I bought this bike for 2,500 and its a great running bike i just want more power because I've taken this bike to its limit now i want to push my limits
  2. FleshwoundHero

    02 yzf250 backfire poping

    i got the valves tightend .... so it must be the jet . thanks guys!
  3. FleshwoundHero

    02 yzf250 backfire poping

    when i start my bike it starts easy but when i start to get going at about 1\8 throtle it bogs down goes buhhhhhh then picks up and runs decent but when i get on the throtle and let off it pops and backfires and shit . my friend who is a mechanic says that it is a problem with the jetting. i beleive him. and also i wanted to know what i could do to make it run better. ( i know about exhaust systems) but other than that i dont know what i could do. thanks for reading
  4. FleshwoundHero

    ?! are 02 yzf250 and wr426f frames the same??

    yes i mean 426f
  5. FleshwoundHero

    Where can i buy Just and Engine

    thanks man!
  6. I may need to buy an new or used engine for my bike.. its a 2002 yzf250 .. could someone plz help me out thanks! i need to know where to get one
  7. Hey, ummm i need to know if 2002 yz250f and wr426F frames are the same! it would really help me out.. thanks my email is xlax22@hotmail.com (just incase )