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    How does Dumont compare to Sand Mtn in Fallon?
  2. sjrays

    Mouth Guard

    I got a concussion playing hockey by not wearing one. And that was with a full face shield, and no direct impact to my head. I just got hit hard enough to crack my teeth together. It sucks. So does getting teeth replaced. I would much rather deal with the brief adjustment period to wearing a mouthpiece than go through that stuff again. I use a cheap mouth guard that can be form fit by a little heat.
  3. sjrays

    Phoenix riding areas

  4. sjrays

    Riding in sand

    It's an interesting Physics problem acutally that's somewhat complex. A previous poster mentiones system CG which is accurate. You will raise the system CG and your CG when standing. But the system is actually 2 bodies with complex interactions. The forces applied from the body affect the motion of the bike. Standing distributes the loads to the freely moving body (bike) through the footpegs as 2 point forces. Drawing a free body diagram, this allows for the rider to interact with the bike in significantly different ways than putting a point load through the seat while sitting. I don't have the time to do the math right now, but transferring loads to the footpegs that is lower than the bikes independant CG will have implications to the control of the bike as opposed to merely shifting your weight while sitting. The way that inertia affects the system is an interesting problem as well that I will have to put some thought into. -Cheers
  5. You have to be careful at Rolls. I have been nearly hit out there many times. And that road to 4-peaks has a lot of cars on it too.
  6. sjrays

    AZ OHV plate in CA

    That's funny. AZ driver's liscenses expire when you turn 65.
  7. sjrays

    AZ OHV plate in CA

    The registration is OHV only, not street. What do you think is easier to deal with the out of state permit or getting a red sticker and dealing with it? Thanks for the responses.
  8. sjrays

    AZ OHV plate in CA

    Just moved to CA from AZ for work I was wondering if I should just keep my AZ plate instead of dealing with the red/green sticker deal. Anyone done this? Any harassment on out of state OHV reg in CA? Thanks '04 WR450