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  1. jeff mckinley

    Why the Honda AP diaphram??

    i just did the diaphram swap and it made a big difference in my bike...well worth the 5 minutes it took!
  2. jeff mckinley

    Why the Honda AP diaphram??

    ok thanks
  3. jeff mckinley

    Why the Honda AP diaphram??

    i just tried to order the diaphram for mine and the local honda shop said i had to get the whole kit??? is this right and if so do you install all of the parts in the kit or just the diaphram?
  4. jeff mckinley

    suspension problems

    i am new to suspension work and have just replaced the fork springs and shock spring on my new 450exc. now i feel that the front tire is bouncing at higher speeds, i did not notice this before i was wondering if this is because of something i did or if it is just an adjustment.
  5. jeff mckinley

    wr to exc

    thanks for all the input im going to ride one tomorrow i hope it works out and ill have to buy it..
  6. jeff mckinley

    wr to exc

    i am considering trading for a 2006 450 exc i currently have an 05 wr450. i have read all i can on this and other forums but i still find myself wondering. i have never owned a ktm or have even sat on one but i think from what i've read that it is for me. i have done all of the free mods on the wr is there anything similar on the exc? or is it ready out of the box? if it turns out that i don't like the ktm-- which one of you is going to buy it from me? after all its your fault for selling me on them...haha!