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  1. cleonard

    Sat Dec 30-hungry valley conditions/crowding?

    Frazier is a no go. Entire southern Low Padres is closed to entry period due to the Thomas fire.
  2. Like people have said at -10 you are fighting thickened oil and a cold battery that loses juice. A 0W oil is a good idea. If the battery is weak due to the cold it might be time to delpoy that kick start lever. I've never ridden below about plus 10. Below zero is hard to come by in SoCal. That was on a XR600 and getting that bike fired up was a good warm up procedure to the rider. Lots of kicks. Don't hate me, but I'm about to head out for a ride. It's currently about 60 and is supposed to get into the low 70's.
  3. cleonard

    Quick battery related question

    Should be fine. Motobatt makes both lead acid and lithium batteries. Their lithium batteries are kind of unique as they have a protection circuit to prevent over charge and under discharge. Lithium batteries really don't need to be float charged like lead acid batteries. Sitting a few months is not bad for them.
  4. Unlike other bikes I've owned, the mounts are what failed on my 2012 520 RS. The signals themselves were still in decent condition until they fell off while riding. Just riding, not crashing. Basically the hole that the bolt goes through is blown out. They have been gone for years and I know that even with the limited street riding I do it's just a matter of time before the man takes notice and I end up with a ticket. I know that I could just replace the mount and signals with parts from Beta, but they are expensive. In addition I'll probably just lose them again in a year or two. Looking for a cheaper and more robust alternative. Who out there has the best bomb proof?
  5. Last I heard Sarah Palin is the pick for the Interior Department. I hope that items like reopening Clear Creek to riding isn't forgotten in the drilling rush. How about some new BLM riding areas? The other name is his son Donald Junior who we know rides. Forget Sarah! I want Junior instead. Can we dream of a million acres of open riding? Sure why not.
  6. cleonard

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Is LPNF still open? By the MVUM the trails were scheduled to shut on Nov 1. Also Bouquet is closed two miles north of Vasquez for the next six months. Makes getting to the Bouquet staging spot kind of hard from down south.
  7. cleonard

    Piute Mountain Roundup II

    As far as legal riding the Piutes are about as good as it gets in this part of the world. Until I spent a week in Idaho, the Piutes were the best semi-designated trails I've ever ridden.
  8. cleonard

    Your toughest repair out on the trail.

    Had a failure in the cam chain tensioner on my XR600, resulting in my cam chain slipping a few teeth. Bike would only barely run. Naturally I was 50 miles from my truck. Popped off the cam cover, pulled the tensioner, cleaned some debris from it with gas, readjusted the cam and chain out trail side. The real trick was getting the cam chain back in. Managed to get it back together and made it back to camp. Had a valve seat come loose really loose. Pulled the rocker arms out of the head for the affected valve and barely made it back.
  9. cleonard

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Don't forget to do East Frazier. It's open. Well at least it was last weekend.
  10. cleonard

    Post up your GPS coordinates to cool trails here

    Share or not, the behavior will continue. Of that I am sure. The way I see it, if a trail is legal on Forest Service land then it is well documented on the motor vehicle use maps that are available to all. I see no reason not to mention those. The desert is a bit more of a grey area. I tend not to publicize the really difficult trails or places where getting lost is a real concern. I've seen what happens when people go on trails they have no business being on. Posting about other less than 100% legal trails is just plain stupid. Should the govt decide to make examples of a few, which I think they are sure to do, all they would need to do is present your posts about the less than legal trails you posted about. It's a simple rule really. Don't post anything anywhere that would play poorly in a court of law.
  11. cleonard

    Epic 2015 Ride

    Sean you are the man! Oh and Mike too. Truly awesome ride and report. I'm headed to Featherville Idaho for a week of riding in two weeks. The bike will be in the back of a truck though and I'll be sleeping at the same place each day. Guess I'm not worthy as I doubt I'll be pulling 11 hour in the saddle days. The amount of trails in Idaho is astounding. I think that http://ridaho.info/ will be my home page.
  12. cleonard

    RIP Greenhorns

    Fire is part of the natural process. You will see the land come back over the next several years. Will it be the same? No probably not. A lot of places the trees will never come back due to the drying that's been going on for a very long time. The land will recover though. It's interesting to watch. Hey the land is way more open after the fire if you know what I mean. I'm bummed as I've never managed to ride all of Bull Run which is probably on fire as I type this. There were just too many down trees when I was there years ago. Hopefully they can keep the fire north of the 155. The operations map from today was unlike what I'm used to seeing. This fire is going to get big. They are not even trying to stop it before it reaches the Kern river on the east. They will try to keep it out of Wofford Heights and Kernville, but the backup lines are the 155, the lake and the river. Anyone who's been up there knows that there are a lot of dead trees and it's pretty much impossible to stop a fire in dead pine trees. I don't know where your place is Schmo, but do what you can to harden your place should the fire make it to you. Piutes anyone?
  13. cleonard

    What was your path to Beta?

    78 XL250S 81 XR500R 93 XR600 12 520RS Put major miles on those first 3 Honda's. At least 50k miles on each of those XR's. Now I mostly ride technical terrain so my Beta is just nearing 4k miles. Besides the Beta still has the stock seat and that's no good for those 300+ mile days.
  14. cleonard

    KLIM Pants and Jersey . . . worth the price?

    My Klim Mojave pants are the best riding gear I have ever owned. Much better construction and venting like no other.
  15. A bit late to the party, but ... It's a bad thing. Sure they say that all legal trails will stay open. What they don't say is that any issues with a trail and about the only option is to close the trail. There will be no new motorized trails in the monument. If a trail has a bad section that needs a reroute? It was possible in the past, but now it will be impossible. Over time trails will degrade or will be lost. I don't see anything good possibly coming from this.