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  1. Boise Vintage Inter-AM at OMC, April 14th and 15th. Free admission for spectator's.
  2. Started clearing trails yesterday. PM if you want to ride/clear trails.
  3. Only tractor trails, no single track anymore. Bladed so often, Stonyford rider's have no clue what single track is anymore.
  4. I have ridden from 8° f -110° f. Elevation 1,800'-10,000'. Tight, very technical single track to 80 mph sand washes. And snow... My bike runs great with the Mikuni. Even did 100 miles, with the stock fuel tank on this ride. Just before replacing the piston and ring's at 184 hour's. This ride goes as high as 8,400' on technical mountain single track. Down to 1,850'. Also run the stock Reed cage and my reed's have the notorious gap too. Big deal to many? Piston goes up, pressure seals the reeds up nicely. Piston goes down, vacuum opens them, repeat... My bike runs great in a wide range of conditions. And I am repeatedly insulted on this forum. I helped over 800 rider's learn to ride better. I ride with first time trail rider's to National and World Champions. But the guy who's bike work's should be repeatedly insulted and the guy's who continue to search for solutions are revered? Please let the TT comedy resume...I am going to ride in the snow today. A nice balmy 22° outside now. May get above freezing for today's high? Carry on...
  5. If there is a cellular tower in the area, I head far, far away.
  6. Oppose the ohv grants which fund the tractors. Demand single track in your comment's. Matt Piper is NO friend to OHV, same with Jeff Applegate who proceeded Matt. When anyone discusses this issue with them, they say " surprised to hear you say that, never heard that before". "The only comment's we hear are rider's wanting us to smooth out the trails, correction Quad routes. Stonyford has no legal "trails" today. Ride illegally and build your own "flag and burn" old school enduro single track.
  7. Trail tractors roll out the welcome mat to Quads and SxS. As well as the 450 moto bikes and those who cannot ride. Squid pits used to be the place to learn to ride. Now they have dumbed down entire so called "trail" networks for the least skilled. The good stuff is illegal. There is no legal single track at Stonyford. It has all been bladed or closed.
  8. In camera stabilization crops video frame. Here is one with the in camera stabilization turned off. Do you like it better with stabilization off and the image not cropped?
  9. The Factory bike's get a new clutch.
  10. Never mentioned a JD jet kit... I have dozens of video's. My bike runs great in a wide range in elevation and temperature. As a racer, it was common to adjust jetting for track...never knew people struggled for months before the internet? We showed up at Mammoth, made a few changes and raced. Before Fuel Injection I was not aware Factory mechanics needed six or month's to Jet a carb to race in Colorado. They show up make a few changes and go race. The endless chatter on forum's about jetting issue's is comical.
  11. PM sent...
  12. I have ridden at 8°f to 105°f. From 2,500' to over 10,000'. This bike has been out since the summer of 2016. And your still searching for the magic settings. Keep chasing your tail.