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  1. Dave Wood

    Murphy Silver City scooter riding

    Rabbit Creek or Hemingway Butte are the best staging area's. The blm puts up Red Carsonite stakes, to tell everyone where the single track is.
  2. Dave Wood

    Bull Trout Lake

    Wildfire started a couple days ago near Grandjean. Wapiti trail closed. Ten mile and Blue Jay are part of this loop. Likely closed too? Did not look at closure order yet?
  3. Dave Wood

    Bull Trout Lake

    Good rider's can ride all the trails in that area in one day. Excellent riding before the wildfires in that area. Lot's of dead/burnt tree's require a chainsaw. New downfall likely. I usually camp, near Stanley on multi day rides and drive out to Bull Trout for a day ride. Or do a Big Loop from Stanley Lake or Valley Creek over to Blue Jay, Ten Mile, Wapiti, Kirkham, link, Warm Springs, Bench and Wyoming.
  4. Dave Wood

    Forest Service Field Trip into Taneum Restoration Project

    Restoration is closure.
  5. NOHVCC, funded by Honda...think ATV, SxS. Having attended a couple of these session's year's ago. Trail tractors are pushed hard. Of course the Quad crowd love's to see single track bladed. And the 450 moto bike's love bladed routes and all the jumps. Waterbars were used to bed logging road's for the winter. Found to be ineffective, so they build larger waterbars and call them rolling dips. Again ineffective. As water is channeled down the route to exit at the rolling dip. Single track rider's should attend and voice loud objections to the use of trail tractors on single track. Great if they want to build a new Quad route, BS to convert and existing single track trail. Or it is "cost effective" to maintain designated motorcycle only trails. Don't fall for the cost effective crap. You have all seen the below grade tractor routes, troughs and endless puddles often requiring wet weather and/seasonal closures. I get it, moto rider's love easy, wide, fast routes with lot's of jumps. A moto track in the wood's. It's trail riding and trails should encourage rider's to ride trail appropriate bike's. Trails should NOT be dumbed down, for the least skilled rider's to be able to grab gears on one's 450 moto bike. Bladed routes increase speed averages. Serious injuries and fatalities will occur. Head on collisions... Honda and other manufacturers sell a lot of Quads and SxS. Over 70% of the ohv registrations in Idaho are four wheelers. Tremendous pressure to poach the easy to intermediate single track. Or blade it... Sad inexperienced rider's only know bladed routes and road's. Look how many video's are posted of one's "trail" ride and the entire video is a road or quad route. What single track remains, often has a natural barrier such as exposure. Think black diamond, not entry level friendly. This group has no clue what it is to ride a single track trail. Sad a beginner single track trail meandering through woods are disappearing. YouTube proves it. Tractors are NOT the answer for building new single track trails or maintenance of single track. Don't fall for the sale's pitch that tractors are the answer.
  6. Alpinestars Tech 7, with the off road sole. Better grip when your clearing trail.
  7. Dave Wood

    Golden Spike Harescramble Help

    Groomed course? Tractor trails. No Thank's.
  8. I think my videos meet your criteria? Your comment's and several more in this thread reflect the audience I try to attract/retain. Hope your able to view in 4k on a big screen TV. This one is a long one, curious if it holds your attention?
  9. Dave Wood

    Gold Creek Area Recommended Loop?

    Responsible trail rider's who want to ride the good stuff, have a chainsaw or two in the group. Especially early season rider's. Wildfires, Bark Beatles and natural blow downs are common. Even on a cleared trail, rider's are likely to encounter new downfall. It's difficult to comprehend rider's who claim to be "experienced" or "A rider's" who do not understand the need for chainsaws? Idaho State Park's ohv registration, most of it's ohv budget comes from quads and SxS. Which means fewer dollar's are allocated to the Trail Ranger's to clear single track. It takes "all hand's on deck" to clear trail. Allowing USFS trail crews and the trail rangers time to take care of the problem area's. Mitigation work, bridge's, reroutes, erosion... Saturday we started clearing trails. And by next weekend, more downfall will occur.
  10. Dave Wood

    Gold Creek Area Recommended Loop?

    They should have chainsaws...
  11. Dave Wood

    Boise Vintage Inter-AM

    Boise Vintage Inter-AM at OMC, April 14th and 15th. Free admission for spectator's.
  12. Dave Wood

    Idaho Summer trails - how early?

    Started clearing trails yesterday. PM if you want to ride/clear trails.
  13. Dave Wood

    Looking for mountain single track in S Or or N CA

    Only tractor trails, no single track anymore. Bladed so often, Stonyford rider's have no clue what single track is anymore.
  14. Dave Wood

    Anyone with Smart Carb on 17 300 xc ?

    I have ridden from 8° f -110° f. Elevation 1,800'-10,000'. Tight, very technical single track to 80 mph sand washes. And snow... My bike runs great with the Mikuni. Even did 100 miles, with the stock fuel tank on this ride. Just before replacing the piston and ring's at 184 hour's. This ride goes as high as 8,400' on technical mountain single track. Down to 1,850'. Also run the stock Reed cage and my reed's have the notorious gap too. Big deal to many? Piston goes up, pressure seals the reeds up nicely. Piston goes down, vacuum opens them, repeat... My bike runs great in a wide range of conditions. And I am repeatedly insulted on this forum. I helped over 800 rider's learn to ride better. I ride with first time trail rider's to National and World Champions. But the guy who's bike work's should be repeatedly insulted and the guy's who continue to search for solutions are revered? Please let the TT comedy resume...I am going to ride in the snow today. A nice balmy 22° outside now. May get above freezing for today's high? Carry on...
  15. If there is a cellular tower in the area, I head far, far away.