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    Complete Graphics Kit-Complete Plastics Kit

    Dirt Digits actually makes this kit complete by adding the front plate and lower fork protectors for $150, not $167, whereas it normally comes without those pieces for $119. So the first comments are accurate that seemingly no manufacturer offers a truly complete plastic kit. It took Dirt Digits to take the obvious step and offer them together. I can't see any reason why plastic manufactures wouldn't take the initiative to make a complete kit complete, it just seems obvious. The only kits I have seen complete are for the mini bikes like the CRF50 and the KX65/KLX110/RM65/DRZ110
  2. spooledUP7

    1-industries "Hurricane" kit

    Your bike is sick!
  3. spooledUP7

    Leatt- Brace Graphics

    It defies all logic but they just stick. I am sure it depends on the quality of the decal, but it's amazing nevertheless.
  4. spooledUP7

    post pics of your white 06-09 450s!

    Not my bike, just one I designed the graphics for. It belongs to Mach1 motorsports used in the XGAMES 2007 Supermoto event. Greg Bunting of Mach1 sent me the pics and I thought they were better suited here than in my inbox. Cheers