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  1. Larsa

    Gearing on a RX

    I have a new 2017 Honda CRF450RX that was a good deal on, i have the cheap recluse works fine. But now to my question its to fast on 1 gear for rock gardens and thight stuff, running side by side whit my friends Beta 430 on a road and compare speed, i run just as the recluse engage in 1gear and my friend is between 2-3 on his Beta at same speed. Im thinking of a 53 rear sprocket but how manny links does the chain has to be? Stock is 13/50 so 3 more on the rear should make some diffrencens or ? And what are your suspensions settings?
  2. Larsa

    RR390racing or RR430 racing 2017?

    Its sounds like a good machine.
  3. Larsa

    RR390racing or RR430 racing 2017?

    Reading what you all haved said I'm think off a 390, our motocross tracks are´nt that fast, twisty and not a lot traction much off camber. And our enduro and trails ar thight, slow and very rocky. A 390 Racing whit a FMF system should do the job if you carry momentum trugh the corners on the mx tracks. A test ride would have been nice but that aint happening in Sweden i go by the looks and it that it looks good if you have short legs. I think the Husaberg that i have are to high in the forest and i did have a TM 300mx and a TM 450mx and they are way to high for me. Hade have the bike stand to stay on when i kicked the bikes over.
  4. Im looking for a Beta in 2017 is there anybody that has ridden both the 390 and 430 and describe the differences between them. I currently have a Husaberg TE300 2014 whit some suspension mods and fastway footpegs. Or which Beta is best if you ride both enduro,trails and some vet motocross.
  5. Larsa

    tm 530mx

    is there annybody that has ridden a tm 530?? how are they compare to a 450 or the 300cc 2-stroke?..i have a 300cc tm mx now and has haved ktm 505 and 450`s but now im little intressted in a tm 530mx
  6. Larsa

    TM 250EFi Enduro bash plate.

    stock tm i is good too..they have 1 in alu and 1 in carbon:)....and tm stock parts are cheap to:)
  7. Larsa

    2010 tm 300 pipe fittment

    hey i have a 300mx and i have no big problems whit the pipe but when the o-rings get worn just a little bit the pipe starts vibrates and the first bracket kracks..but now a i have a little bigger o-rings in the pipe and thats works nice..i have a 3mm thick o-ring in stock is 2,5mm.....
  8. Larsa

    Kawasaki kx500 af

    is anybody have a kx 500 af and if so is it anny good your just overkill??? som pictures would have been nice to see to:)
  9. that would have been a cool bike,and whit a rekluseclutch... crusing whit the feet on the pegs in 4gear...
  10. Larsa

    Pics: 2010 FX450 Husaberg in action !

    how is the bike??can you compare it whit som other bikes please:)..im consider maybie buying a husaberg fx can you ride both motocross and som fine enduro??..
  11. Larsa

    Husaberg FX450

    Larsa: ok thanks that was really good to now,so that bikes is probley not what im looking for,mabye a tm :ride:then you get to choose your suspension..and they are cheaper to...
  12. Larsa

    Husaberg FX450

    Does the Husaberg FX450 work on a motocross track??has anbody tried?Im looking for a bike to do both motocross and some nice enduro, not ugly and nasty enduro like:moon: novemberkasan..
  13. Larsa

    Aprilia mxv 4,5

    Has annybody raced or ownd a Aprilia mxv 4,5 2009??..and if they haved how do the Aprilias work? are they as good as a japs to ride and service?and how are they holding upp? Larsa
  14. köper nog där jag får bäst pris ringer runt lite å hör skulle jag tro..da silva kanske???
  15. thanks fore the serius answers now i`m got somthing more to think off i gott an offer to buy a ktm sxs-06 brand new white any cc that a want 450 525 540 550 580 white the semifactory suspension and all the other goddies that are on the sxs...and the price is not so mutch more than a new suzuki-06.. so now i don`t now what to buy..