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  1. Buy a bike closer to home man...shipping that far ain't gonna be cheap any way you slice it unless you know an owner operator that just happens to be shipping goods for someone else that route and can contract him to add your bike into the load.
  2. I have ridden both...I like that little extra bump I get on the 450 in funny spots where the front wheel needs to be eliminated from the equation by picking it up no matter where in the power band I find myself. Or when I get surprised and need a little more than I thought I was gonna need.
  3. Grey wire is ignition mapping that is mainly top end. Tame it down with gearing.
  4. Wait a second Frosty....you brought one bike in via baggage and mail and assembled it right...So have you repeated this process again on another 450? I musta missed something.
  5. Did it...went to 45 rear. Found that top end gain is not worth the bottom end losses for me...back to stock now
  6. Except for the grammar...that sounds extremely radical. 5th gear wheelies are awesome dude. Hope the trans holds up.
  7. pull the subframe and the carb then tip the bike up and dump her out.
  8. what he said
  9. IF its backfiring on decel remove the AIS and it'll go away with your current setup.
  10. What he said Michelin. Or...Kenda 760's. I cannot complain other than the wear. Just means that I will have to buy another new one sooner and guess what...I like new ones better anyway! BTW they are dirt cheap
  11. I was thinkin chinese stickers, a 125 logo, razor to the seat, and an oil drip reservoir (maybe in the airbox) that drips a little at a time when you park. Then Charles DeMar hit the Jackpot...a Po-Po Moto. Do what you are doing then get red and blue lenses for the blinkers and an led flasher for the headlight. Put DEA or NYPD stickers in a couple of solid locations along with vehicle numbers using the NYPD car number font and you should be good. Don't forget the radio antennas.
  12. Georgia Peaches:eek: Woooo Hoooo Ya know, tha opportunity just never stops knockin round them parts.
  13. Yup, just follow the manual. Before you break it down see if you can locate the fuel screw on the bottom of the bowl. You will need a small short screwdriver so you can check to be sure that it is good. You should be able to tun it in a turn and a half to two turns. Set a reference however you want to and then count the turns to get it all of the way in. I think (somebody catch me here if I am off) it should be turned out 1 and 1/2 turns or thereabout. So check that then back it back out. Try it at 2 out if you still get bad results. If this doesn't fix it then you may have trash in your pilot jet. These are just possibilities. I am mentioning them because they may be easier to check than the timing for you. Plus the fact that the bike misses only to a quarter throttle and then runs fine makes me doubt my original assumption that the timing is off. The carb goes through several different circuits as you turn the throttle back. In general I have taken in from others that the carb goes Pilot to 1/4 then Needle to about 3/4 then Main to WOT. Drain the bowl then pull it off. You might wanna see whats in there anyway. Check the Pilot and see if its clogged. Keep in mind that all of this is just a suggestion and will not harm your bike and will only get you more familiar with it. Good luck dude
  14. From all that I have read power from bottom, mid to top end corresponds respectively (+/-) Pilot, Needle, Main. So you could try the larger pilot and should see a difference. If DEMO SLUG is right...you could back the fuel screw (bottom of the bowl) out 1/2 a turn at a time and see if that gives positive results first...cost is zero pesos. EDIT...backfiring...remove the AIS like Kevin said
  15. Try riding it and loading the front sprocket...see what gives As far as oil in the airbox...do these bikes come with sopping wet (with filter oil) filters? I used to have the same issue on my Yamaha and found that I was over oiling my filters.