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  1. Headofer

    Pics of my Updated XR (what you think?)

    did you get the nost rear fender?
  2. Headofer

    number plate ?

    is it possible to have a number plate (like the super cross bikes) on a xr400, instead of a light? easy to find?
  3. Headofer

    1 simple question

    thanks alot for all your support guys i think im going with the xr400, and come on guys your not too old
  4. Headofer

    1 simple question

    thanks alot for your inputs, I really appreciate it, one more question... what does "O.F." mean, if you dont mind me asking of course
  5. Headofer

    1 simple question

    I'm looking for a bike that can putt along side with the kids in the desert, but also have power when i need it, (dune riding and stuff like that) is a xr400 in my future?
  6. Im looking to buy a new honda dirt bike, I dont go to the tracks or bonzai full throttle often. I would like to get a '05 Crf450x but my brother tells me you have to gun it all day long to keep it running. I would like a 450x but i need something i can putt around on but has power when I need it. Is a 450x a good choice? any help would be much apreciated =)
  7. Headofer

    crf450 body ?

    i was just wondering if it was possible to get a crf450x without the lights, basiclly like a supercross bike
  8. Headofer

    need some help

    I need some help on my decision, im 17 years old and mostly ride the deserts. I own a 350x 3-wheeler but i ride my brothers cr250 all the time. I've been working the past 2 summers to save enough money for a bike of my own. Id like to get a crf450r, but i keep hearing rumors about super high maintance and working on it more then you ride it. My family is die-hard honda haulers and a 450r would be nice, but is it a safe buy? what kind of maintainence are we dealing with? any help would be much apriciated