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  1. I'd check the slide diaphragm to see if it had a small tear in it.
  2. I'm glad you found another alternative, but I just went back to the first page and the aol link worked for me?
  3. That's great! I'm glad it worked out for you!
  4. Mine was very snappy with 2 coils removed, and the slide drilled.
  5. Glad it worked out for you! If you shorten the spring, use small zip ties instead of clipping the coil. That way you can return it to stock if you don't like it. Have fun!
  6. No pics, but Dave's instructions quoted in the first post were simple to follow.
  7. I think he may have only read the first post in this thread, which began with the head gasket symptoms.
  8. The seized rod was from damaged bearings from the original problem...running it low on oil. The cylinder was scuffed from the piston, and I replaced it with a big bore and did not heed warnings that there was probably damage to the lower end. i didn't have the expertise or tools to split the case. The motor seized shortly into the break in period. i sent it to Eddie, and he saved the cylinder (even more scuffed up than the original), and put in a stroker for me. My divorce is coming to fruition, so I just parked the bike until I will have some cash available to repair it. I didn't want to open it up, and leave it in pieces. Sorry for leaving folks hanging without explaining what was going on. The bike kept me sane last year during a difficult divorce - even the difficulties kept me busy and focused, so I'm grateful. I've been riding my beater ST1100 which is threatening my license (lost it for 30 days a few years ago for 24 over in a rural 65 zone) since it doesn't feel fast when I'm going fast. I'm exceeding 60 mph in 2nd gear. It's quiet with great wind protection and a very flat torque curve - no sensation of heavy acceleration or speed. I can be riding the hell out of the DRZ and not really be going that fast. But it FEELS fast, great sound, rowing thru the gears, feeling a torque peak, and the wind pulling at me. Hopefully I'll have some spare cash next month, and will pull the DRZ's cylinder off.
  9. It was still running, and idled fine - will find out this weekend what it was.
  10. Wow! What a small world. Rick Holland is a good friend, known as "Spike" for his modern hairdoo back here. Tell Rick2, that Rick1 said hi, and sadly his care package just got mailed. Hope it gets there before he gets back home :-) I had RHC valves put in before the original Big Bore after seeing what happened to you before. I'm gonna wait 'till the weekend to tear it down.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement folks. bronco78, stay safe over there. If you see a Navy Chief wearing cammies and looking at a photo of a VTX, say hi for me. His name is Rich and he's supporting the 1st CAV.
  12. "This too shall pass" - That's what I keep telling myself :-) I'll tear it down next weekend. There's no hurry at this point.
  13. It's been more than the bike. Seems like everything is failing. The cable modem, Direct TV receiver, video card in the computer. maybe my soon to be ex put a hex on me :-) I took a shower and cooled off. Maybe I'll tear into the bike tomorrow.
  14. Just started it up, after 30 seconds revved it a little, saw smoke out the pipe, then it began making a loud clicking/clacking sound from the upper cylinder area. The sound continued as the bike idled. I shut it down, and wheeled it back in the garage. I had a hard time getting the piston pin circlip in. After many tries, it was in, but didn't look like it expanded completely in the groove. I took it out, and many tries later got the same result. I'm really going to be pissed if this is the problem. It's been hot and humid all day, and I'm beat. I'm not motivated at all to tear the bike back down.
  15. Install the rings dry. The service manual tells you to oil them.